U.S. Reportedly Set to Merge All Diplomatic Missions in Jerusalem

Palestinian relations with the United States continue to deteriorate. Following the announcement by  U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo several months ago that  Washington intended to merge all American missions in Jerusalem, there are now reports citing Trump Administration officials that the anticipated move will happen as early as the fourth of March. According to … Read more

Crisis emerges between Israel and Poland

A crisis in Polish-Israeli relations erupted yesterday, after Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the Poles had collaborated with Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. The comment by the Israeli leader was made after a wreath-laying ceremony that was attended by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence – at the Warsaw Ghetto … Read more

Arab Foreign Ministers meet to discuss relations with Israel

Arab Foreign Ministers

Foreign Ministers of six Arab countries, including: Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait, convened at King Hussein Bin Talal’s Convention Centre, which is located on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea. Prior to the meeting, a Jordanian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said that the ministers would discuss bilateral relations and … Read more

Israeli political scene in turmoil over upcoming national elections

israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and benny gantz

Israel’s political scene is in turmoil, with just a little over two months before Israeli citizens above the age of 18 flood polling stations across the state, on the 9th of April, for the purpose of appointing Jerusalem’s future leadership. While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to lead according to the polls published on domestic … Read more

Attempted terror attack thwarted at Jerusalem checkpoint

Attempts terror attack thwarted at Jerusalem checkpoint

A Palestinian teenager who rushed toward Israeli Security Forces at a border-crossing with a knife in hand was shot dead, in what police identified as a nationalistically motivated act of terror. Jerusalem police commissioner Yoram Halevi, who arrived at the Az-Zaayyem security crossing – which separates Jerusalem from the West Bank – provided a statement … Read more

Iran conducts daily cyber-attacks against Israel

russian president putin and israel prime minister netanyhu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that the Islamic Republic of Iran conducts daily cyber-attacks against Israel, as part of Tehran’s offensive campaign against the Jewish state. In an address to an annual Cybertech Conference that is taking place in the central Israeli city of Tel Aviv, Netanyahu stressed that while the Islamic Republic aspires to … Read more

Israel: Lebanon accountable for Hezbollah activity on its soil

Israel Lebanon border

in Paris, visiting Israeli President Reuven Rivlin told his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron that Lebanon will be held accountable for all activity carried out on its territory, including that of Hezbollah. The two heads of state met at the Elysée Palace for talks that focused, among others, on the Iranian presence in Lebanon and Tehran’s … Read more

Hamas declines third installment of Qatari-donated funds

ismail haniyeh hamas leader

The tense situation along Israel’s northern and southern frontiers has significantly increased over the course of the past 24-hours, prompting a decision by Jerusalem to deploy additional anti-rocket defense system batteries, including in the greater Tel Aviv area. The increase of tension comes after the Islamist Hamas organization informed Qatar’s envoy to the Palestinian enclave … Read more

Iran greatest enemy of Israel, Netanyahu says

Benjamin Netanyahu Israel Prime Minister Iran long range missile

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Quds Force, Qassem Seuleimani, to “check the state of Iranian bases that he is trying to establish in Syria” instead of interfering in Israel’s Parliamentary elections. Netanyahu’s televised statement came in response to a quote made by the Iranian General that was published … Read more

Israel to settle accounts with its enemies, Netanyahu says

Benjamin Netanyahu Israel Prime Minister

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the successful test-launch of the Advanced Arrow 3 weapons system, which is Israel’s long-range component in the country’s active three-tier anti-rocket defense-shield. During a tour of the Israel Aerospace Industries, Netanyahu – who also serves as the country’s Defense Minister – reiterated Jerusalem’s resolve “to develop the most advanced weaponry … Read more