Netanyahu postpones meeting with Putin amid “political challenges”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not travel to Moscow today for his pre-scheduled meeting with President Vladimir Putin, despite the Israeli’s leader’s assertion last week, in which he emphasized the importance of the meeting with the Russian leader to Israel’s national security. A senior Israeli official, who spoke to TV7 on condition of anonymity, said … Read more

Israeli-Polish crisis deepens amid Holocaust-related accusations

polish prime minister mateusz morawiecki and Netanyahu

A summit that was scheduled to take place in Jerusalem this week, between Israel and the four Central European nations that are known as the Visegrad group, was cancelled after the Polish government withdrew from the conference in protest over Israeli remarks about Poland’s role in the Holocaust. The crisis emerged last week, after Prime … Read more

Most Arab States no longer view Israel as their enemy, Netanyahu says

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visit Oman

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that most Arab countries “no longer view Israel as their enemy, but (rather) view (Israel) as their indispensable ally.” In an address to the annual Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Netanyahu stressed that the factor that unites Israel with the majority of Arab countries is the ongoing … Read more

Israel condemns EU for failure to address Iran’s malign behavior

iranian president rouhani and foreign minister zarif

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in the Polish capital Warsaw last night, to attend an international ministerial summit. The conference, which is spear-headed by the United States, aims at addressing a variety of issues that relate to the Middle East in general, and threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran in particular. Prior to … Read more

Iran threatens to destroy two main Israeli cities

Iran threatens to destroy tel-aviv

The Political Head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Brigadier General Yadollah Javani, vowed to destroy two of Israel‘s main cities, Haifa and Tel Aviv, if the United States were to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran. In a statement that was quoted by Iran’s state news agency IRNA, General Javani claimed that “The United … Read more

Israel to launch spacecraft to the moon

Israel to launch spacecraft to the moon

While the Islamic Republic of Iran boasts in its ballistic missiles program and continues to fail satellite-launches into orbit; The state of Israel announced that within two weeks it will launch a space-craft to the moon for the first time in its history. During this week’s cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared the anticipate … Read more

Israel a “great fortress” in battle against militant Islam

IDF tanks

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen in Jerusalem. During the meeting, the Israeli Prime Minister reiterated the importance of Israel which serves as a “great fortress” in the battle against militant Islam. In his words, “Here in the Middle East we face the two forces, the great forces, of … Read more

Israel to continue confronting the Islamic Republic on all fronts

israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and iran map

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned the Islamic Republic not to test Israel’s resolve. During his weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu stressed while Iran seeks to annihilate the Jewish State, Israel will continue to act to assure its national security interests are preserved. The Israeli leader also took the opportunity to refer to the celebrations that are … Read more

Arab Foreign Ministers meet to discuss relations with Israel

Arab Foreign Ministers

Foreign Ministers of six Arab countries, including: Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait, convened at King Hussein Bin Talal’s Convention Centre, which is located on the Jordanian side of the Dead Sea. Prior to the meeting, a Jordanian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said that the ministers would discuss bilateral relations and … Read more