U.S. Urges Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank to Deepen Business Relationship

An International Economic Forum convened to develop business relationships between Israelis and Palestinians living in the West Bank concluded with a U.S. call to deepen financial relations, despite a long hiatus of a political process for the decades old Mideast conflict. U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman stressed that “here are many, many Palestinians that … Read more

Palestinian Authority announces its refusal to receive Israeli-allocated taxes

President Mahmoud Abbas announced that Ramallah will no longer accept any of the monthly tax revenues received from Jerusalem, following Israel’s decision to withhold 5 percent of the sums in response to the P.A.’S continued financial support for families of individuals who were either killed or incarcerated as a result of terror-related offenses. After an … Read more

Israel freezes Palestinian taxes earmarked to support terror

Hamas militants

In the West Bank city of Ramallah, hundreds of Palestinians protested against the Israeli security cabinet’s decision to withhold around five-percent of taxes that are transferred on a monthly basis to the Palestinian Authority, over/ due to its continued financial support for convicted terrorists and their families. Under the 1993 Oslo Accords, Israel collects taxes … Read more

Most Arab States no longer view Israel as their enemy, Netanyahu says

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visit Oman

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that most Arab countries “no longer view Israel as their enemy, but (rather) view (Israel) as their indispensable ally.” In an address to the annual Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Netanyahu stressed that the factor that unites Israel with the majority of Arab countries is the ongoing … Read more

Moscow: ‘deal of the century’ threatens Middle East peace

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned that the U.S.-brokered “deal of the century” for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict threatens the progress that has been reached to date. In a press conference, following a Russian brokered meeting on intra-Palestinian reconciliation – which included members from Hamas and the rivalry Palestinian Authority – the Russian top diplomat claimed … Read more

U.S. blocks UNSC condemnation of Israel

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo votes in UN security council

Now to the United Nations headquarters in New York, where the United States has once again employed its veto-power to block a U.N. Security Council statement against Israel, in which the members of the council attempted to condemn the Israeli decision to end the mandate of an international observer force that operated to-date in the … Read more

Palestinian rivalry over Islamic Jihad leadership cause for escalation

violent demonstration Gaza Israel border

It has been revealed that the commander of the militant wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the northern Gaza Strip, which is openly backed by Iran, was responsible for violating the truce arrangement understandings that were reached between Israel and the Islamist organizations in Gaza in the last few months, including the sniper fire … Read more

Palestinian government dissolves as PM Hamdallah resigns

Palestinian Authority PM Rami Hamdallah resigns

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah has tendered his resignation and that of his unity government – in what is perceived as yet another blow to faltering reconciliation attempts by the Palestinian Authority and the Islamist Hamas. While the Palestinian government will continue to carry out its duties until a new government is formed, Hamdallah said … Read more

Attempted terror attack thwarted at Jerusalem checkpoint

Attempts terror attack thwarted at Jerusalem checkpoint

A Palestinian teenager who rushed toward Israeli Security Forces at a border-crossing with a knife in hand was shot dead, in what police identified as a nationalistically motivated act of terror. Jerusalem police commissioner Yoram Halevi, who arrived at the Az-Zaayyem security crossing – which separates Jerusalem from the West Bank – provided a statement … Read more

Hamas decides to escalate Palestinian violence against Israel

violence demonstration gaza border

Thousands of Palestinians attended violent-riots along the Gaza Strip’s border-fence with the Jewish state over the weekend, as part of Hamas‘ weekly “march of return” protests, in which they demand the right of Arabs to return to lands, from which they claim their ancestors fled or were forced to flee during Israel’s founding in 1948. … Read more