U.S. anti-Hamas proposed resolution rejected by UNGA

An attempt by the United States to pass a resolution at the United Nations General Assembly, which sought to condemn the Islamist Hamas for its indiscriminate firing of rockets toward Israel’s civilian communities has failed. While a majority of the world-body’s General Assembly voted in favor, the draft resolution did not receive the necessary two-thirds … Read more

IDF launches operation “North Shield” on Lebanese-border

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held what was described as “an urgent meeting” last night with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in the Belgian capital, Brussels. Prior to his departure from Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport, the Israeli leader underscored that the meeting would focus on the latest regional-developments, and the challenges the Islamic … Read more

The United Nations marks solidarity day for Palestinians

The United Nations held an official solidarity day for the Palestinians, during which the world body’s Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said it reminded everyone of the incomplete task of establishing a Palestinian state, with East Jerusalem as its capital. During the special United Nations session, Secretary-General Guterres took the opportunity to condemn Israel’s government for its … Read more

Russia’s Putin invites Hamas’ leader for official meeting

The Russian ambassador to the Palestinians visited the Gaza Strip yesterday, during which he met with the Hamas Political Bureau Director Ismail Haniya. According to several statements by the Islamist Hamas and a Kremlin source, the Russian ambassador provided Haniya with an invitation from President Vladimir Putin to come to Moscow for an official meeting. … Read more

Three IDF soldiers injured in Palestinian ramming-attack

Three IDF soldier were injured when a vehicle driven by a Palestinian man crashed into them. The IDF spokesperson’s unit released a statement, according to which the Palestinian intentionally rammed his vehicle into the troops, who were performing engineering work on a route between Beit Ummar and Al-Arroub, which is located adjacent to the Jewish … Read more

Czech President does not believe two-state solution possible

Czech President Milos Zeman visited his Israeli counterpart Reuven Rivlin at his residence in Jerusalem, during which he underscored that while for decades the international community discussed the inception of two independent states as the only solution to the decades old Israeli-Palestinian conflict; Prague could not share this position, as he does not see an … Read more

Israel views two-state solution as ‘security threat’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that there are those that are keen on attaining temporary peace at the price of making pacifying agreements with aggressive tyrannical regimes, first and foremost, with the dangerous totalitarian regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. During remarks at a special Knesset session in honor of visiting Czech Republic President … Read more

Netanyahu: Southern Israel as important as Tel Aviv

Pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to mount, after his Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi was strongly rebuked, after calling the over 460 rockets fired by Islamist terrorists from the Gaza Strip toward Israel’s southern communities this week “minor,” while noting that there is a difference between attacking the South of Israel and attacking … Read more

Palestinian Islamists launch more than 400 rockets toward Israel

After a short hiatus from last night, when Palestinians launched 17 rockets towards the Jewish state in response to an Israeli commando operation deep in the Gaza Strip’s territory; Palestinian Islamists, under the directives of Hamas, have launched more than 400 rockets towards Israel’s southern communities, in the last 24 hours. Only some 100 of … Read more