Hamas visits Moscow for talks on Palestinian aspirations

russian president vladimir putin ismail haniyeh hamas

A delegation of senior Hamas officials arrived in the Russian capital last night, for a visit that according to the internationally recognized terror group: “aims to discuss Palestinian reconciliation and challenges facing Palestinian aspirations.” Since Hamas is not listed as a terror organization by the Kremlin, due to the fact that it won the national … Read more

Russia reiterates commitment to Israel’s national security

russian president putin and israel prime minister netanyhu

The threats voiced by Iranian officials come amid increased efforts by Israel to thwart the Islamic Republic’s expansionist efforts, including its aspiration to entrench itself military in Syria, a mission which poses a direct threat to Israel’s national security interests on its northern frontier. To assure Israel‘s continued freedom of operations against Iran in both … Read more

Russia warned Iran of planned Israeli attack

Russia Vladimir Putin and Iranian Hassan Rouhani Israel attack in Syria

The Russian Foreign Ministry, in a delayed statement, condemned Israel for conducting aerial strikes in Syria, and warned that the consequences of Israel’s military operations in its northern neighbor would stoke an atmosphere of enmity in the region that does not correspond with the long-term national interests of any state across the Middle East. According … Read more

Russian delegation arrives in Israel to bolster cooperation

A special Russian delegation arrived in Israel, as part of efforts by Jerusalem and Moscow to bolster the coordinated mechanism between their two respective militaries in Syria. A special Russian delegation arrived in Israel yesterday, as part of efforts by Jerusalem and Moscow to bolster the coordinated mechanism between their two respective militaries in Syria. … Read more

Russia and Israel resume military cooperation in Syria

Three months after a Syrian force accidentally shot down a Russian military Il-20 reconnaissance plane, in the midst of an Israeli airstrike against Iranian targets on Syrian soil; Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov revealed that the militaries of Jerusalem and Moscow have resumed cooperation to assure deconfliction in Israel’s northern war-torn neighbor. At the beginning … Read more

Hamas seeks to advance relations with Russia

The head of Hamas’s political bureau is scheduled to visit Moscow next week, after the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited the top Hamas leader to hold an official meeting with President Vladimir Putin. While the Kremlin did not specify the reason for the invitation, Hamas said in a statement that “Ismail Haniya is expected … Read more

Russia’s Putin invites Hamas’ leader for official meeting

The Russian ambassador to the Palestinians visited the Gaza Strip yesterday, during which he met with the Hamas Political Bureau Director Ismail Haniya. According to several statements by the Islamist Hamas and a Kremlin source, the Russian ambassador provided Haniya with an invitation from President Vladimir Putin to come to Moscow for an official meeting. … Read more

Russia deploys advanced Su-57 fighter-jets in Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry published a video yesterday, showcasing its most-advanced Sukhoi Su-57 deployed in the war-torn-country. In a statement accompanying the video, the Russian Ministry said that Su-57 performed about a dozen flights to prove its combat readiness. The statement further noted that the 5th generation SU-57 of the Russian aviation complex is designed … Read more

Putin hails Russia’s military intelligence as key factor for stabilizing Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the skill and “unique abilities” of Russia’s military intelligence, in a show of support for the Kremlin’s intelligence agency. Speaking at a closed ceremony at the Russian Army’s theatre in Moscow, which was broadcast on national television, Putin took thanked military intelligence officers for their “huge role” in liquidating militant … Read more

The world must unite in battle against radical Islam, Putin says

The leaders of Russia, Germany, France and Turkey gathered in Istanbul on Saturday, for a summit to discuss the future of Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan held both separate and joint meetings, as violence in Syria’s Idlib province, which is the … Read more