Attempted terror attack thwarted at Jerusalem checkpoint

Attempts terror attack thwarted at Jerusalem checkpoint

A Palestinian teenager who rushed toward Israeli Security Forces at a border-crossing with a knife in hand was shot dead, in what police identified as a nationalistically motivated act of terror. Jerusalem police commissioner Yoram Halevi, who arrived at the Az-Zaayyem security crossing – which separates Jerusalem from the West Bank – provided a statement … Read more

Israel will settle accounts with all terrorists

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared Jerusalem’s resolve to settle accounts with Palestinian assailants responsible for acts of terror against Israelis. After receiving a security briefing on ongoing “counter-terrorism and community defense operations” by the IDF forces in the West Bank, the Prime Minister visited the Givat Asaf junction, where a terrorist attack on December … Read more

Ofra Junction terror-attack results in infant’s death

Israeli medical authorities announced the death of the infant that was delivered prematurely in an emergency cesarean section earlier this week, after his mother was shot and seriously wounded in the Ofra Junction terror-attack on Sunday. The infant’s extended family were joined by dozens of mourners, who gathered at the funeral, which was held last … Read more

Two West Bank terror attacks reported in four days

The Israeli military has reinforced its forces across the West Bank, in the wake of the shooting attack at the Ofra junction earlier this week. The reinforcements consist of several companies that will, according to an IDF statement, focus on providing roadside security for Israeli civilians in addition to assisting the in the ongoing search … Read more

West Bank terror shooting leaves a baby in severe condition

Sha’are Tzedek Medical Center in Jerusalem said this morning that the condition of the baby that was delivered prematurely after his mother was wounded in a drive-by terror shooting near the West Bank junction of Ofra, remains very severe, while the condition of his parents is improving. According to the hospital, the mother, who was … Read more

Palestinian Islamist apprehended after moderately stabbing an IDF soldier

A Palestinian Islamist had reportedly stabbed an IDF reserve soldier in the West Bank Hativa Square near the city of Nablus. Bystanders responded to the incident by opening fire toward the Palestinian attacker, however the assailant managed to flee the scene unharmed. The IDF reservist was evacuated to a medical facility, in moderate condition, for … Read more

Two Israelis killed, one wounded, in a deadly Palestinian terror attack

Two Israelis were killed, and another moderately wounded, in what the IDF said was a terror attack in a West Bank industrial zone by a Palestinian suspect who went on a shooting spree, before fleeing the scene. The suspect was identified as 23-years-old Ashraf Walid Suleiman Na’alwa from the Palestinian village of Shweiki, which is … Read more

French-Iranian relations continue to deteriorate in light of failed Iranian terror plot

According to French Authorities, Iranian agents sought to carry out a bombing attack at a rally of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, an exiled Iranian opposition group that is based in the French capital. The rally, which was held in June, was attended – among others – by high profile politicians, including U.S. … Read more

Palestinian carries out stabbing attack during Yom Kippur

Just one hour after Israel came to a standstill, with the majority of the Jewish state observing the Day of Atonement through fasting and prayer, a Palestinian man attempted to carry out a stabbing attack near Jerusalem’s old city. The police spokesperson’s unit released a video, in which the suspect can be seen attacking an … Read more

Palestinian assailant fatally stabs American-Israeli man in a West Bank shopping center

A Palestinian Islamist fatally stabbed a 45-year-old man yesterday at a shopping center, near the West Bank settlement of Gush Etzion. The victim of the terror-attack was identified as Ari Fuld, a bi-national American-Israeli father of four, from the Jewish settlement of Efrat. After being attacked by the assailant, who was identified as 16-year-old Khalil … Read more