Palestinian Authority announces its refusal to receive Israeli-allocated taxes

President Mahmoud Abbas announced that Ramallah will no longer accept any of the monthly tax revenues received from Jerusalem, following Israel’s decision to withhold 5 percent of the sums in response to the P.A.’S continued financial support for families of individuals who were either killed or incarcerated as a result of terror-related offenses. After an … Read more

Israeli Police arrest terrorist responsible for brutal murder of Israeli 19yo

IDF troops on the West Bank

Israeli Police forces arrested over the weekend a Palestinian suspect, who according to the ‘Shin Bet’ Security Agency, “brutally murdered an Israeli woman in a forest on the outskirts of Jerusalem.” 19-year-old Ori Ansbacher, a resident of the West Bank settlement of Tekoa, was found naked and with multiple stab wounds in Jerusalem’s Ein Yael … Read more

Israeli report unveils terror organizations-BDS ties

Israeli report unveils terror organizations-BDS ties

Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs published a new report revealing internal connections of internationally recognized terror organizations, including Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and groups that support the Boycott Divest and Sanctions Movement – BDS – against the Jewish state. According to the report, titled “Terrorists in Suits,” a recent … Read more

Attempted terror attack thwarted at Jerusalem checkpoint

Attempts terror attack thwarted at Jerusalem checkpoint

A Palestinian teenager who rushed toward Israeli Security Forces at a border-crossing with a knife in hand was shot dead, in what police identified as a nationalistically motivated act of terror. Jerusalem police commissioner Yoram Halevi, who arrived at the Az-Zaayyem security crossing – which separates Jerusalem from the West Bank – provided a statement … Read more

Israel halts Qatari funds to Gaza amid escalation

Qatari funds to Gaza

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered to stop the scheduled transfer of Qatari-donated funds to the Hamas-run Gaza Strip this morning, after two violent incidents occurred on the Gaza border yesterday, prompted an escalation on Israel’s southern frontier. The unfolding events erupted when Gazan militants opened fire toward an IDF patrol near the security fence, … Read more

IS claims responsibility for deadly attack in Syria

Several hours before the deadly attack took place, U.S. vice President Mike Pence hailed President Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria, after he reiterated the administration’s position, in which “the Islamic State has been defeated.” In his words, “We promise, under this President’s leadership to take the fight to radical Islamic terrorist to our terms, … Read more

U.S. military will remain in Middle East until war on terror is over

A draft document that outlines Washington’s plans for a military pull-out from the war-torn country unveiled a decision to maintain U.S. military forces near the Iraqi and Jordanian borders, which are viewed by top American Defense officials as “key strategic locations that will thwart Iran’s attempts to widen its grip in Syria.” The draft document … Read more

Israel halts transfer of Qatari funds to Gaza

Israel has decided to halt the transfer of all Qatari-donated funds to the Gaza Strip, in response to a rocket that was fired on Sunday night from the Hamas-run enclave toward the southern communities of the Jewish state – among other recent terror related activities that emanated from the Palestinian territory. Just a few hours … Read more

Shin Bet arrests Palestinian terrorist responsible for deadly attacks

Israeli security forces have managed to locate and arrest a Palestinian terrorist who, according to the country’s security agency the ‘Shin Bet’, is responsible for two deadly shooting attacks in December, at the West Bank junctions of Givat Assaf and Ofra, in which three Israelis were killed and another was severely wounded. The suspect, Asem … Read more

Two deadly terror attacks plague Israel in in less than 24 hours

A series of terror attacks plagued Israel during the day, in which a number of Israeli soldiers and police officers were wounded in two separate incidents. The first incident occurred in the Old City of Jerusalem early this morning, when a 26 years-old Palestinian resident of the West Bank, stabbed and moderately wounded two border-police … Read more