The Mossad focuses on thwarting Iran’s aggressive policies in the region

Mossad Director Yossi Cohen, in a special ceremony at the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem, declared that the Mossad’s key objectives continue to focus on the aggressive conduct of the Islamic Republic of Iran, including its regional aspirations and the ongoing pursuit of the regime in Tehran to achieve nuclear weapons capabilities. Cohen said, Iran continues to hold its vision of establishing significant nuclear power so it would essentially lead to nuclear powers with military dimensions. Iran continues to apply aggressively military forces in the Middle East, in close proximity to our borders, closer than ever, in the Lebanese and Syrian arenas as one. Iran continues to support terror groups, Hezbollah, and recently also Hamas. Iran continue to transfer advanced and precision weaponry to terror organization, and into our arena,” he stressed.

While Israel continues to point to Iran’s ongoing aggressive conduct, the team of negotiators behind the nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic, which was reached in 2015, have been announced as possible contenders for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. The landmark agreement aimed at limiting the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program in exchange for international sanctions relief. While the agreement was declared as a political triumph for both the former US President Barack Obama and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, international watchdogs continue to cite flaws in the deal that has separated Tehran’s aggressive policies from its dangerous aspiration of acquiring nuclear weapon capabilities.