Trump: Israel will pay a higher price in negotiations with the Palestinians

U.S. President Donald Trump revealed that Israel would “have to pay a higher price”, as part of his peace initiative for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in return for his decision to follow through on ‘recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state’ and ‘the relocation of the U.S. embassy to the city’. During a campaign rally in Charleston, West Virginia, the American President underscored the fact that the recognition of Jerusalem “should have been done years ago,” as it is a vital component that will allow for peace between Israel and the Palestinians to be realized.

I approved it and it should have been done years ago and if there’s ever going to be peace remember I said with the Palestinians it was a good thing to have done because we took it off the table because every time there were peace talks they never got past Jerusalem becoming the capital so I said let’s take it off the table and you know what in the negotiation Israel will have to pay a higher price because they want a very big thing but I took it off the table they could never get by,” US President Donald Trump said.
In response to accusations by the Palestinian leadership of being bias toward the Israelis, effectively favoring Jerusalem’s narrative in the decades-old-conflict, President Donald Trump noted that the Palestinians “will get something very good, because it is their turn next.”
“They could never get past the fact of Jerusalem becoming the capital now it’s off the table there’s nothing to negotiate but they’ll get something very good because it’s their term next let’s see what happens it’s very introvert that’s the toughest deal of all deals that’s called peace between Israel and the Palestinians they say that’s the toughest of all deals let’s see what happens,” Trump said.