TV7 celebrates Tu BiShvat

While the world continues to rumble over US President Donald Trump’s proposal for peace in the Middle East, TV7’s Jerusalem office had reason to rejoice over a few simpler things in life this week.

Together with the entire Jewish world we celebrated Tu BiShvat a.k.a. New Year of the Trees; more locally – the almost record-breaking water levels of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), and on a smaller scale, we are excited about the opening of the TV7 Israel News online shop.

To those less familiar with Tu BiShvat – it is marked on the 15th day of the month of Shvat on the Hebrew lunar calendar. It usually falls somewhere in January or February according to the Gregorian calendar, when new buds begin to appear on the trees in Israel, among which almonds are usually the first to blossom.

In the era of the Biblical Temples, the day was ordained for the purpose of calculating the age of the trees, with tithing of their fruit in mind (Leviticus 19:23-25). Nowadays it can also be linked to Arbor Day, as mindfulness of environment is encouraged, and the Biblical linkage is mostly maintained by eating the main fruit of the Land of Israel, namely grapes, olives, pomegranates, figs and dates.

As Tu BiShvat is a minor feast, businesses and schools in Israel remain open, but many students and visitors go on excursions to plant trees in the deserts and forests of the Jewish. Those who honor the holiday also make financial contributions toward such efforts.

Should you ever wish to be part of Bible prophecies and help to make the mountains and lands of Israel flourish even more, our headquarters in Finland has a tree planting project in northern Israel in cooperation with Jewish National Fund. We have two TV7 forests already growing on Kdumim and Tabor mountains. 50 % of the suggested €20 donation goes directly for tree planting and the other half for supporting a teacher training program at Israel’s Ohalo College to help raise the future educators of the Jewish State. TV7 takes no commission for it.
Do you notice the Biblical allusion to people who study God’s ways being blessed like trees planted by the rivers of water and bringing forth fruit in their season (Psalm 1)? Thus, with the abovementioned donation you help to plant trees both literally as well as allegorically. You can also receive a certificate for the tree planted or “adopt” a future schoolteacher and support their training. Choose the option for tree planting and teacher training at our donation link:
If you have questions or would like more information, please write to

After the plenteous winter rains that have so far blessed our land here, the water levels of Israel’s main freshwater body – the Sea of Galilee, stand at 209,94 meters (689 feet) below sea level, 1,14 m (3,74 ft) away from its capacity and possibly flooding businesses on its shores. Some locals say the water is the highest since 1992. And it is also noteworthy that the water level is safely 4,93 m (16,17 ft) away from the dangerous black line, after which irreversible ecological damage begins to occur due to the saline water seeping into the lake from the springs underneath it.

And the drum roll, please! – TV7 Israel News online shop is finally open, featuring mugs, T-shirts, an iPhone cover and even a pillow. Be sure to check in and be among the first to get yours at the following link: All proceeds following expenses will go directly toward financing TV7 productions in Jerusalem.

And lastly, a few prayer requests –
*As Israel’s parliamentary elections on March 2nd are fast approaching, please agree with us for a new government to be formed according to God’s heart and plans. May His will be done as in Heaven, so on earth!
*Please also pray with us for the upgrading of the lighting in our studio. People have commented that there could be more light on the otherwise bright faces of our hosts and guests. So let there be light! Should the Lord impress on you, then besides prayers, you are also welcome to “lend a helping hand” by directly donating towards our new lighting system. Simply choose the relevant option or mention it in the comment section at our Donation page: All donations and prayers are always highly appreciated.
*And as always, pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122) as well as for the peace and salvation of Israel, since those who bless Israel, will be blessed.


By: Monika  Jaaguri