Two Iranians charged for terror-affiliated ‘espionage’ against Israeli embassy in Kenya

Two Iranians and their Kenyan driver, who worked for the Iranian embassy in Nairobi, were charged with collecting information for a “terrorist act” after filming the Israeli embassy. According to the court’s charge sheet, the two Iranian nationals and their Kenyan driver “were found taking video clips of the Israeli embassy, for the use in the commission of a terrorist act.” The three men were in a car belonging to the Iranian embassy when they were arrested earlier this week, yet the diplomatic status of the two Iranians was unclear and the Iranian embassy did not respond to requests for comment. According to the Defense Lawyer, the three pleaded ‘not guilty’ and had been detained by Kenya’s anti-terrorism police unit for further interrogation. This is the second time in three years that Iranian nationals are being interrogated on terror related charges. In 2013, a Kenyan court sentenced two Iranians to life imprisonment on terror charges, including possessing explosives.