U.N. marks 70th anniversary of Resolution 181 that laid the foundation for establishing Israel

Today, the 29th of November, marks the 70th anniversary of the United Nations vote on ending the British Mandate in historic Palestine and establishing two states in the Land of Israel. At a special ceremony held at the United Nations last night marking the occasion, US Vice President Mike Pence announced that President Donald Trump had asked him to convey a simple message to the Jewish state, declaring “under our administration, America will always stand with Israel, because her values are our values, and her fight is our fight.” Vice President Pence further revealed that, contrary to reports, President Donald Trump was considering when and how to move the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Pence said, “While for the past twenty, congress and successive administrations have expressed a willingness to move our embassy. As we speak, President Donald Trump is actively considering when and how to move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” the American vice President said at the U.N. ceremony marking the partition plan under General Assembly Resolution 181.


US President Donald Trump has vowed, on several occasions, to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but held-back on his promise in June, when he decided to sign a waiver to keep the American mission in Tel Aviv. The American President reasoned by citing a renewed attempt to reignite a long-stalled peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, claiming a relocation of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem would be counterproductive to an aspired peace initiative. Meanwhile, President Trump is facing a new deadline tomorrow, on whether to extend the waiver again, with officials indicating yet another presidential waiver delaying implementation of the act for moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.