U.N. urges Israel not to hold Gaza’s Humanitarian supplies hostage

The World Body’s Undersecretary-General for Political Affairs Rosemary DiCarlo called on Israel, during a meeting of the Security Council, to ensure that humanitarian supplies for the Gaza Strip are not “held hostage to political and security developments.” The U.N. political chief stressed that the recurring violence “highlights the urgency” of the U.N. and Egyptian-mediated efforts, along with regional and international partners, “to prevent another devastating outbreak of hostilities, respond to the most urgent humanitarian needs (in Gaza), and support intra-Palestinian reconciliation.” DiCarlo further warned that funding for U.N. emergency fuel to keep about 250 hospitals, water and sanitation facilities in the Hamas-run territory, which are operating at a minimum level, “has now run out.” That is why, Undersecretary-General DiCarlo appealed the international community for financial contributions that will aim to keep these critical facilities operating through the end of the year.