U.S. resumes secret operation to destroy Iran’s missile program

The United States has reportedly resumed a secret operation that aims to destroy the Islamic Republic’s missile program. The U.S. daily New York Times reported this morning that a far-reaching effort to destroy Iran’s missile capabilities, which began under President George W. Bush and was later suspended by the Obama Administration, has once again resumed per the directives of U.S. President Donald Trump.

The report states that while U.S. officials could not quantify the effectiveness of the American “sabotage operation,” the Islamic republic has a markedly high failure rate of 67 percent for orbital launches, compared to a global rate of just 5 percent. The report further pointed to Iran’s failures since the start of the year, in which the Islamic Republic attempted to launch two domestic-made-satellites into orbit. According to the report, the secrete American operation may have been responsible for the Iranian failure. While a Pentagon official refused to confirm the report, a source told TV7 that “the United States is actively working to thwart all threat that originate from the Islamic Republic of Iran.”