Unidentified strikes kill five in an Iranian installations in Syria

Two separate bombardments targeted Iranian-backed, militant positions near the Syrian border with Iraq. The first strike occurred yesterday afternoon by unidentified aircraft against an Iranian position in the city of Al Bukamal, near one-of-the-three most strategic border-crossings between Syria and Iraq.

According to an informed source, ‘five militants were killed in the first attack and another 9 were reportedly injured.’ The source identified the first target as a Hezbollah military base, and insisted that it had been carried out by an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, which he maintained belonged to Israel or the U.S.-led ‘International Military Coalition.’

It is important to note that the Al Bukamal border-crossing has been identified by Western intelligence officials as one of the main logistical passageways for Iranian weapons and equipment from Iraq into Syria – and a such, the location has been subjected to multiple attacks.