Iran aspirations and challenges amid COVID19 - Jerusalem Studio 505

The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the countries hardest-hit by the corona contagion, on top of the fact that its global standing and domestic difficulties have challenged the Ayatollah regime well-before the current crisis emerged.
Will this pandemic also prove lethal to the regime?
-Jonathan Hessen, host.
-Amir Oren, analyst.
-Mr. Meir Javedanfar, Iran lecturer at IDC in Herzliya.
-Dr. Menahem Merhavy, a research fellow at the Truman Institute, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

  • Published: April 14, 2020
  • Duration: 28 min

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The program offers the viewer deeper understanding about current events in Israel. The topics vary from domestic and foreign policy to social changes, archaelogy and religion.
The program is hosted by TV7 Israel News anchor Jonathan Hessen.


  • 28min

    Countering Threats to Freedom of Navigation, Jerusalem Studio 850

    Casualties counted by either killed, wounded or captured are not the only measures of a War’s toll. Nor are the displaced or properties destroyed or damaged by bombs, shells and missiles. There is also the severe disruption by goods being blocked, delayed and overpriced by threats to supply chains. This is especially apparent in the…
    April 10, 2024 12432 views
  • 28min

    Six Months of Fighting Across the Lebanon-Israel Border, Jerusalem Studio 849

    The term “the day after”, so widely used regarding the elusive political aftermath of the Gaza War, also actually applies to Israel’s campaign against Hezbollah. This started with the Shiite militia’s attack the day after Hamas launched its offensive in October, and may or may not end the day after a ceasefire is reached on…
    April 09, 2024 12660 views
  • 28min

    Lost in Translation? The costs of indirect negotiations, through mediators - Jerusalem Studio 848

    Peace and pause are naturally negotiated by and between enemies, but not always directly. When the alienation between the parties as it is when Israel faces hostile forces bent on its very destruction, mediators are necessary. This goes back to the armistice agreements of 1949 and is especially evident when Jerusalem is faced by Non-Governmental…
    April 03, 2024 15415 views
  • 28min

    Egypt, challenge or crisis, Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 847

    Egypt has always been the proudest and most important Arab country, first to gain its independence and with a reasonable military if not economic claim to lead the various competing nations of the Arab world. But Egypt is also continuosly beset by problems in almost every sphere and had become dependent on the generosity of…
    April 02, 2024 27435 views
  • 28min

    Israel's Northern Arena : Iran's Military Preparations for War, Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 846

    For many years, war with Hezbollah was the major scenario for which the Israel Defense Forces prepared, with Gaza being a distant second and Iran looming far off on the horizon. October 7 changed this calculus. Hamas launched the war, Hezbollah half-heartedly joined the fray, and Iran appears concerned that Israel used this escalation to…
    March 27, 2024 27727 views
  • 28min

    Mideast Intricacies amid Strategic Power Competition : Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 845

    For a rare moment earlier this week, all of the world’s leading powers were almost on the same page. This occurred when the UN Security Council voted for a Ramadan ceasefire, with Russia and China, Britain, France and others in favor and the US abstaining. This, however, seems like an exception to the current rule…
    March 26, 2024 9863 views
  • 28min

    US - Israel Relations, Amid Rising Bilateral Tensions : Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 844

    When Hamas viciously attacked Israel, committing unspeakable horrors, there was no daylight between Jerusalem and Washington. President Biden sprang into action and immediately provided Israel with essential military, naval and diplomatic support. But as time marched on and the human cost of the IDF’s campaign in Gaza drew ever-louder criticism, the gap between Biden and…
    March 20, 2024 12567 views
  • 28min

    Can Israel Defeat Hamas, as International Pressure Mounts? Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 843

    On the sixth month of the Gaza War, there is growing doubt as to whether Israel can defeat the terror organization whose October 7 massacre catalysed a chain reaction. The IDF is clearly superior to the 30,000 or so militia, structured in some 6 territorial brigades and 2 dozen battalions. But the limits on employment…
    March 19, 2024 14870 views
  • 28min

    Anti-Semitism : Spillover from the Israel-Hamas War? Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 842

    The scourge of Anti-Semitism long preceded Zionism and indeed was a major factor in generating this movement, when the visionary Theodor Herzl considered the implication of the Dreyfus Affair. But lately, both organizations and individuals objecting to specific policies of certain Israeli governments have crossed the line to embrace Jewish hatred in all of its…
    March 13, 2024 9881 views
  • 28min

    Can a Northern War be Averted? Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 841

    Neither Israel nor Hezbollah are spoiling for a full-scale war. This conclusion is well established after five months of constant exchanges of fire between the Lebanese border and the Galilee district of Northern Israel. Both parties would rather return to the relative quiet although tense situation which preceded the October 7 onslaught by Hamas. The…
    March 12, 2024 12607 views
  • 28min

    Iran's Nuclear Program : IAEA Raises the Alarm : Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 840

    Masks and costumes have always been a feature of Persian culture, in peacetime and wartime, for fashion and fun, and this could possibly even be the origin for the festival of Purim. Now the Iranian nuclear project seems to be wearing several masks simultaneously, the more the better to confuse whoever suspects Tehran of working…
    March 06, 2024 20040 views
  • 28min

    The Middle East : A Regional Threat Assessment : Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 839

    Looking forward to the beginning of Ramadan next week, the Middle East anxiously waits to see whether or not last-minute developments will signal a short-term respite from the violence which has engulfed the Arab-Israeli divide during recent months, having branched south to the Red Sea and east to an indirect Iranian-American confrontation. Or could another…
    March 05, 2024 13232 views
  • 28min

    Iran's Nuclear Race : Is a Looming Breakout Inevitable? Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 838

    With all eyes on Iran’s policy through proxies - from Gaza and Lebanon to Iraq and Yemen - the most strategically significant event could evade detection. That being a possible breakout in the Iranian quest for nuclear weapons, where the Supreme Leader’s henchmen have been slowly but surely tiptoeing towards the starting gate, and may…
    February 27, 2024 13579 views
  • 28min

    Hezbollah’s Low-Intensity War versus Israel : Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 837

    Whether by its own calculus, or due to strict instructions by Iran - or even both - Hezbollah have been cautious since October 8 to conduct brinkmanship by fire. The Lebanese Shiite militia, considered a ‘terror army’ by Israel, has limited its launches of missiles and rockets to the Upper Galilee district, signaling that it…
    February 21, 2024 14399 views
  • 28min

    Egypt’s Crucial Role in Mideast Stability amid Looming Rafah Offensive - Jerusalem Studio 836

    Egypt is the most important, populous and militarily capable of the Arab countries. Its 42 year peace agreement with Israel has so far withstood crises. Without it, the Mideast would surely have been constantly unstable and prone to repeated wars. But the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel and the counter-offensive into Gaza - bordering…
    February 20, 2024 17522 views
  • 28min

    Iran’s Threat to Middle East Stability - Prospects of Wider Escalation, Jerusalem Studio 835

    On a recent visit to Lebanon, Iran’s Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, declared that Tehran never wanted the Hamas-Israel war to expand into a wider regional conflict. While in line with other such statements by senior regime officials, the Islamic Republic’s pious public position must always be juxtaposed with its actions and ultimate aim of gaining…
    February 14, 2024 20657 views
  • 28min

    The Western Response to the Gaza War & Regional Hostilities - Israel At War - Jerusalem Studio 834

    After the horrific massacre perpetrated by Hamas on October 7 last year, the general consensus in the outside world towards Israel - apart from Iran and its affiliates - was a naturally sympathetic one. But as the Israeli Defense Forces embarked on their air and ground counteroffensive, the human toll in Gaza took center stage,…
    February 13, 2024 12752 views
  • 28min

    The Middle East : Geo-Political and Strategic Intricacies - Israel at War - Jerusalem Studio 833

    The Middle East in the winter of 2024 is testimony to the old mix of change and continuity. Many of the actors and factors were around a year ago and some even much earlier, but now there are also some new elements. We have the Gaza War, the Hezbollah-Israel Campaign, the Houthi and Pro-Iranian Iraqi…
    February 07, 2024 10036 views
  • 28min

    Iran’s Nuclear Progress, Prospects of Breakout - Israel at War - Jerusalem Studio 832

    The Iranian leadership seems to have adopted a cautious attitude to the current crisis in the Middle East. It has not given up on any of its hegemonic ambitions or its efforts to undermine Israel and the United States; however, it has left the actual clashes to its various proxies and signaled that it does…
    February 06, 2024 19534 views
  • 28min

    Israel’s Northern Conundrum : Is War with Hezbollah Inevitable? Israel at War, Jerusalem Studio 831

    The current round of Hezbollah’s attack on Israel’s northern border started with the Gaza war and may even end with it, if the Shiite militia leader Hassan Nasrallah is to be believed. But turning the faucet on and off unilaterally will not satisfy the Israeli government, nor their military and most certainly not all of…
    January 31, 2024 19024 views
  • 28min

    Rising tensions amid Iran’s regional aspirations, Israel At War – Jerusalem Studio 830

    After a long period of passively absorbing blows by Iranian proxies from Baghdad to Bab-el-Mandeb, the United States is striking back against Houthis and Iraqi militias alike. But with American casualties in the Red Sea and Jordan, there is a growing risk of further escalation, with the U.S. running head-on into Iran’s ambitious regional aspirations…
    January 30, 2024 20114 views
  • 28min

    Iran’s Nuclear Program amid Accelerated Proliferation - Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 829

    Diversion has a double meaning in the current Iranian context. In its nuclear project, Iran is diverting quantities of fissile material to a dangerous level of enrichment, while the global and regional focus on the friction between the Iranian proxies may also serve to divert attention away from this nuclear issue. IAEA Chief Grossi recently…
    January 24, 2024 20833 views
  • 28min

    Escalating Mideast Tensions - Is an all-out Regional War Inevitable? Jerusalem Studio 828

    Israeli and Western clashes with Iran’s proxies have persisted for nearly four months now. The Hamas attack on October 7 of last year launched a series of conflagrations on the Lebanese border with Israel, in the Red Sea and even in Iraq. Besides the Gaza war, there have been exchanges of various kinds, including missiles,…
    January 23, 2024 16818 views
  • 28min

    CENTCOM's Multi-Arena Challenges amid rising regional tensions - Israel At War, Jerusalem Studio 827

    For the three decades prior to 2020 or so, the U.S. Central Command was indeed the center of the security universe. Desert Shield and Storm, Afghanistan, Iraq, Daesh were the most important missions the White House and Pentagon ran. Then came withdrawals, the projected pivot to the Indo-Pacific, Ukraine, and Europe and China seemed uppermost.…
    January 17, 2024 14824 views
  • 28min

    Prospects of regional conflagration; Geo-Strategic Assessment - Israel At War, Jerusalem Studio 826

    Israeli Intelligence, its failure to warn ahead of the October 7 attack that Hamas will launch an offensive, correctly described a scenario in which Israel has to deal with simultaneous military challenges from several Iranian-directed fronts. It came to pass when Hezbollah, the Houthis and Syrian and Iraqi militias joined the fight, the latter also…
    January 16, 2024 13361 views
  • 28min

    Escalating tensions in the Red Sea - Israel At War – Jerusalem Studio 825

    What started last November in the Bab-el-Mandab straits as a curious sideshow for the Gaza war has become a global problem. The Houthis of Yemen, with their persistent attacks on vessels of all flags and destinations, disrupted shipping to such an extent that the logistical and economic impacts around the world are significant. The U.S.…
    January 10, 2024 19470 views
  • 28min

    Prospects of full scale war on Israel's Northern Front - Israel At War – Jerusalem Studio 824

    For the last three months Hezbollah and the Israel Defense Forces have been exchanging fire across Lebanon’s southern border and the Galillee’s northern frontier. Rockets and missiles, bombs and shells flew back and forth, as the Shiite proxy of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Quds Force tried to balance its support of the Gaza-based Hamas war effort…
    January 09, 2024 18399 views
  • 28min

    The Israeli Air Force as Jerusalem’s Strategic Asset amid Regional Hostilities Jerusalem Studio 823

    Veterans of the IDF’s ground arm have consistently lobbied for more armour, infantry and artillery units and less reliance on the Israeli Air Force. Their call for sending ground divisions across the border, rather than relying upon fighter planes and UAV’s bombing targets from above, was finally answered in the Gaza War. Nevertheless, the IAF…
    December 20, 2023 28140 views
  • 28min

    Prospects of Israel-Lebanon Escalation : Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 822

    For some eleven weeks now, Hezbollah and the IDF have been embroiled in a limited war of attrition along the Lebanese-Israeli border. Rockets, anti-tank missiles, mortar shells and UAV’s have been flying from north to south while fighter planes, helicopters, artillery and tanks have been returning fire in the opposite direction. Hezbollah’s casualties, together with…
    December 19, 2023 24917 views
  • 28min

    The Middle East : Dissecting the Geo-Strategic Intricacies (Part 2) - Jerusalem Studio 821

    As the year 2023 prepares to bid us farewell, the Middle East is left with the burden of one full-scale war, several smaller confrontations and the ever-present risk of regional conflagration. Israel battling Hamas, Hezbollah itching for a fight, threats to Red Sea shipping and of course the common Iranian denominator always at play. So…
    December 13, 2023 12726 views
  • 28min

    The Middle East : Dissecting the Geo-Strategic Intricacies (Part 1) - Jerusalem Studio 820

    As the year 2023 prepares to bid us farewell, the Middle East is left with the burden of one full-scale war, several smaller confrontations and the ever-present risk of regional conflagration. Israel battling Hamas, Hezbollah itching for a fight, threats to Red Sea shipping and of course the common Iranian denominator always at play. So…
    December 12, 2023 14834 views
  • 28min

    Iran’s Nuclear Progress - Deepening ties with Russia : Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 819

    If Iran ever needed to divert the world’s attention away from its progress towards weapon-grade nuclear capability, this opportunity has been provided by the Israel Gaza war. However, the war is not risk-free for the Ayatollahs. An escalation on the Lebanese front could unleash an Israeli onslaught on Hezbollah and even serve as a springboard…
    December 06, 2023 19966 views
  • 28min

    Geo-Strategic Implications amid Israel’s War with Hamas : Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 818

    Two months into the Gaza War, launched by the savage Hamas attack on thousands of Israeli civilians, the Middle East is still absorbing all of the related geo-strategic implications, both those shaped by the war and those impacting on it. The very definition of the region’s boundaries and focal points requires an update. As per…
    December 05, 2023 19433 views
  • 28min

    The Middle East in an Age of Strategic Competition: Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 817

    After the surprise October 7 attack on Israel, world powers were forced to make adjustments to the new reality. The US was quickest off the mark, with President Biden using his podium, power and plane in an attempt to contain the crisis, support Israel and prevent her enemies ganging up on her. Russia and China…
    November 29, 2023 17107 views
  • 28min

    Iran's Regional Proxy Wars : Threats of Wider Escalation : Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 816

    It appears that Iran wants to have the best of both worlds : seeking to engage its arch-enemies, Israel and the US, through various forms of warfare, while not directly paying the price for doing so. The challenge for Tehran of course is finding proxies who are willing to put their people’s lives on the…
    November 28, 2023 27913 views
  • 28min

    Iran’s Proxy War vs Israel - the Threat of Piracy to Maritime Shipping, Jerusalem Studio 815

    Two of the world’s maritime choke points are the Suez Canal and the Straits of Hormuz. Most shipping between the North and the South, the West and the East, utilizes this thoroughfare and therefore can be interfered with. Between them there is the Red Sea, with the Bab el Mandeb gate whose potential closure threatens…
    November 22, 2023 12886 views
  • 28min

    Iran’s Nuclear Program, a Rising Threat to Global Security : Israel at War – Jerusalem Studio 814

    The massacre perpetrated by the Iran-backed Hamas murderers on October 7 and the war that ensued has effectively eclipsed what, up to several weeks ago, seemed to be the issue of most concern regarding the Islamic Republic’s behaviour … its climb, slowly but surely, towards a nuclear arsenal. The world appears resigned to the inevitability…
    November 21, 2023 18779 views
  • 28min

    Israel and the Arab World, a Geo-Strategic Conundrum, Israel at War - Jerusalem Studio 813

    Only a few days before Hamas launched its surprise attack on Israel, the Jewish State and the leading Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia seemed on the verge of normalizing their relations. This would have been the culmination of a process which saw, three years ago, Gulf and North African governments unveiling the official secrecy of…
    November 15, 2023 17860 views
  • 28min

    Unveiling Iran’s nuclear file, amid regional escalation - Israel At War, Jerusalem Studio 812

    One of the casualties of the Israel-Hamas Gaza war has been the effort to block Iran’s path towards Nuclear weapons. Whether through sanctions, threats or diplomacy, the danger of Iran breaking out and within weeks or even days converting its highly enriched Uranium into Nuclear warheads was relegated to the sidelines, with all eyes on…
    November 14, 2023 31594 views
  • 28min

    Israel At War, Geo-Strategic Assessment - Facing the Iranian Threat - Jerusalem Studio 811

    While Iran is not participating directly in Israel’s war against Hamas, Tehran does not try to hide its role as the mastermind and treasurer behind the Islamist terror organisations in Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. It is clearly satisfied with the havoc unleashed by the October 7 massacre, but is now…
    November 08, 2023 23611 views
  • 28min

    Israel at War, Recounting the October 7th Massacre - Jerusalem Studio 810

    As the war between Israel and Hamas sees its first month in the rearview mirror, and the missile defense strategy by the Israeli Air Force manages to effectively minimize civilian casualties within Israel’s borders, the world’s attention seems disproportionately focused on the plight of the Palestinians caught in the crossfire in Gaza. It is convenient…
    November 07, 2023 9204 views
  • 28min

    Jerusalem Studio 809 - Israel at War - Geo-strategic overview - A Mideast composition

    You are welcome to join our audience and watch all of our programs - free of charge! TV7 Israel News: Jerusalem Studio: TV7 Israel News Editor’s Note: TV7 Europa Stands: TV7 Powers in Play: TV7 Israel: Watchmen Talk: TV7’s Middle East Review: My Brother’s Keeper: This week…
    November 01, 2023 22772 views
  • 28min

    Jerusalem Studio 808 - Israel at War - Prospects of a Multi-Sector war - What does it look like?

    Israel’s intelligence community failed to focus on the intentions and preparations by the Islamist Hamas to launch the October 7th onslaught, which brought about the massacre of 1,400 mostly civilians. Nevertheless, it righty assessed that when any front in Israel’s half-dozen-or-so flares up, it will not stay isolated for long. Indeed, the Lebanese border almost…
    October 31, 2023 36452 views
  • 28min

    Jerusalem Studio 807 - Israel At War - Geo-Strategic Assessment - October 25th

    All Israeli leaders, military and civilian, acknowledge that the operational and tactical considerations and constraints governing the Gaza war are subordinate to the strategic ones, having to do with global powers and regional interests. What are these strategic factors and are they enhancing Israel’s ability to employ force or inhibiting it? With us to elaborate…
    October 25, 2023 20862 views
  • 28min

    Jerusalem Studio 806 - Israel At War - Geo-Strategic Assessment - October 24th

    When the guns start roaring, diplomats usually go silent. The very fact of a violent clash means that more peaceful measures failed. But this time, as soon as Hamas attacked Israel, two and a half weeks ago, diplomatic efforts picked up steam, with heads of state and government, Ministers of Foreign Affairs and special emissaries…
    October 24, 2023 27165 views
  • 28min

    Jerusalem Studio 805 - Israel At War - Geo-Strategic Assessment

    The war between Hamas and Israel is not confined to these two parties. It has regional implications for Lebanon and Syria, Egypt and Jordan, and the repercussions do not stop there, with Great Power competition reflected in American military and diplomatic moves and in Russian and Chinese counter-moves. What is the geo-strategic dimension of the…
    October 18, 2023 28285 views
  • 28min

    Jerusalem Studio 804 - Israel At War - Geo-Strategic Assessment

    The war between Hamas and Israel is not confined to these two parties. It has regional implications for Lebanon and Syria, Egypt and Jordan, and the repercussions do not stop there, with Great Power competition reflected in American military and diplomatic moves and in Russian and Chinese counter-moves. What is the geo-strategic dimension of the…
    October 17, 2023 23867 views
  • 28min

    Jerusalem Studio - Israel at war: Strategic overview

    Panel: - Host : Amir Oren - Col. (Ret) Joel Rayburn, Former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary & Special Envoy for Syria - Prof. Uri Rosenthal : former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands in Chief of the Jerusalem Strategic Tribune You are welcome to join our audience and watch all of our programs -…
    October 13, 2023 36163 views
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