The program offers the viewer deeper understanding about current events in Israel. The topics vary from domestic and foreign policy to social changes, archaelogy and religion.
The program is hosted by TV7 Israel News anchor Jonathan Hessen.


  • 28 min

    Latest developments on Iran sanctions - Jerusalem Studio 405

    The United States has implemented a series of sanctions against Iran, after withdrawing from a 2015 nuclear deal, that was identified by President Trump as deeply flawed. While the ultimate aim seeks to put Tehran's economy under substantial pressure, the Trump Administration decided to provide eight countries with waivers, which are due to expire in…
    14.03.2019 6520 views
  • 28 min

    European relations with the Arab world - Jerusalem Studio 404

    Europe has traditionally shown interest in trends and events across the Middle East, going back to colonial times. That said, it seems that its influence has been diminished as of late – yet recent efforts indicate that this reality could be reversed. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. -Col. (Res.) Miri Eisin Israeli Public…
    12.03.2019 1962 views
  • 28 min

    Developments on the Syrian front - Jerusalem Studio 403

    The Syrian civil war has entered its ninth year, and this time – after many foil attempts - it seems that the end is in sight. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. -Col. (Res.) Miri Eisin Israeli Public Image & Security/Intelligence Expert. - Dr. Jonathan Spyer Fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and…
    08.03.2019 11004 views
  • 28 min

    Conflict and resolution in Mideast strategies - Jerusalem Studio 402

    There are several overlapping conflicts ongoing across the Middle East, with each having its unique features and forces, yet remain inseparable from one-another. Each of the relevant actors maintains its own national interests, while also cooperating with others in order to achieve common goals. Panel: - Jonathan Hessen, host. - Amir Oren, analyst. - Miss…
    05.03.2019 2990 views
  • 28 min

    The battle for peace and security - Jerusalem Studio 401

    Some five weeks before Israel's parliamentary elections, which until recently largely overlooked the decades-old conflict with the Palestinian; shifted its tone after a senior American official provided an overview of President Trump's so-called "deal-of-the-century." Panel: - Jonathan Hessen, host. - Amir Oren, analyst. - Dr. Dikla Cohen, Research fellow at Truman Institute, The Hebrew University.…
    01.03.2019 6300 views
  • 28 min

    International alliances in regional conflicts - Jerusalem Studio 400

    The United Nations, which was designed to guard world peace, has failed in its mission across the Middle East – due to the inherent contradictions with regard interests of powers involved in the region. Instead competing alliances have emerged, each with its own membership and agenda. Panel: - Jonathan Hessen, host. - Amir Oren, analyst.…
    26.02.2019 5110 views
  • 28 min

    Global efforts to curb Iranian aggression - Jerusalem Studio 399

    On various issues and various degrees most important international powers oppose Iran's aggressive aspirations. That said, a global consensus is lacking vis-à-vis the diagnosis of Tehran's activities and the course of action to thwart them. To analyze the state of play on curbing the Islamic Republic's expansionist policy in the Middle East and beyond, we…
    22.02.2019 5413 views
  • 28 min

    Russia and its regional aspirations- Jerusalem Studio 398

    The Middle East is on the top of the list of Russian President Vladimir Putin's regions of interest. He is involved in the Syrian civil war, but also in other challenges and ambitions in the Levant and beyond. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. -Prof. Zeev Hanin, Expert on Russian and Middle Eastern Studies,…
    12.02.2019 11099 views
  • 28 min

    Iran-Syria cooperation amid international constraints- Jerusalem Studio 397

    Due to Iran's crucial military assistance in preserving the Assad regime in Syria, Damascus is reciprocating by accommodating many of Tehran's wishes. That said, many difference remain between these two parties, because each - has priorities of its own. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. -Dr. Raz Zimmt, Iran expert INSS. -Dr. Ely Karmon,…
    12.02.2019 5314 views
  • 28 min

    Lebanon, the battle for stability- Jerusalem Studio 396

    Almost nine months after Lebanon has elected its Parliament, outgoing Prime Minister Sa'ad Hariri has managed to form a new cabinet over which he will continue to preside, despite the fact that he has lost almost a third of his supporters among Beirut's Legislators. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. -Prof. Hillel Frisch, Senior…
    12.02.2019 5687 views
  • 28 min

    The demise of Palestinian unity aspirations - Jerusalem Studio 395

    The two Palestinian territories, the Gaza Strip under the Islamist Hamas and the majority of the West Bank under the Palestinian Authority that is controlled by Fatah, have been holding futile negotiations on reconciliation for the past several years. As Israel approaches its election, following which the Trump Administration is expected to unveil its peace…
    08.02.2019 6860 views
  • 28 min

    Egypt 2019 - Jerusalem Studio 394

    Egypt, which used to be the leading Arab power with both regional and continental ambitions, continues to feel the aftershock of the upheaval that impacted the important Middle Eastern country, in the early part of this decade. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. - Dr. Haim Koren, Former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt and lecturer…
    05.02.2019 3957 views
  • 28 min

    40 years to Iran’s Islamic Revolution - Jerusalem Studio 393

    The 1st of February marks the exact day which commemorates fourth years since the Islamic revolution in Iran. Since then, many events transpired which impacted both regional and global events. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. -Mr. Eliezer Tsafrir, Former head of the Mossad Operations in Iran and currently an affiliate with the Institute…
    01.02.2019 4677 views
  • 28 min

    U.S. “deal of the century”- Jerusalem Studio 392

    Two years into the Trump administration, the President has yet to fulfill his campaign pledge: to unveil a viable U.S. brokered solution to the decades old Israeli-Palestinian conflict. From time to time, however, reports emerge regarding alleged details of the American plan, which was dubbed by the Administration "the deal of the century." Panel: -Jonathan…
    29.01.2019 8092 views
  • 28 min

    Iran’s ballistic missile program - Jerusalem Studio 391

    The launch of an Iranian medium-range ballistic missile against an Israeli target earlier this week, has highlighted concerns Israel, the United States and their allies have regarding the Islamic Republic's ballistic missile program. This program runs counter to calls by the international community to refrain from developing these weapon-systems – as stated in U.N. Security…
    25.01.2019 14334 views
  • 28 min

    Turkey and the Kurds in Syria - Jerusalem Studio 390

    President Donald Trump decided, during a phone conversation last month with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to promptly withdraw American ground forces from Syria. In presenting its pull-out plan, Washington presented Ankara with a demand, to act with restraint vis-à-vis U.S.-backed Kurdish militias. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. -Dr. Eran Lerman vice…
    22.01.2019 6213 views
  • 28 min

    Europe versus Iran, sanctions and agreements - Jerusalem Studio 389

    The European Union, which up-to-now has resisted efforts by the United States, to join a campaign against the Iran nuclear agreement - announced on the 8th of January a decision to list Iran's security apparatus as a terror-entity and separately sanctioned persons affiliated with it. Do these measures indicate a shift of Europe's policy? Panel:…
    18.01.2019 2543 views
  • 28 min

    Israel, call for early elections - Jerusalem Studio 388

    On the 9th of April, Israel will hold general parliamentary elections, some seven months ahead on schedule. based on Israel's political history, popularity shifts dramatically within short time-periods, leaving the outcome of Jerusalem's future leadership unknown – however, during today's program we will try to provide context to the heated contest between parties and politicians.…
    15.01.2019 2288 views
  • 28 min

    Syria, following US decision to withdraw - Jerusalem Studio 387

    President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw all U.S. military and diplomatic personnel from Syria has created a fog of uncertainty, with no specifics on the pace and modalities of the dramatic withdrawal that carries with it significant implications. Panel: - Jonathan Hessen, host. - Amir Oren, analyst. - Prof. Ze'ev Khanin, expert on Middle Eastern…
    11.01.2019 3929 views
  • 28 min

    Growing alliance between Israel, Greece and Cyprus - Jerusalem Studio 386

    The shifting alliances across the Middle East, due to regional events, have produced partnerships based on strategic interests, which some may classify as surprising. Such a new triangle is has be formed between Jerusalem, Athens and Nikosia. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. -Dr. Eran Lerman, Vice President of the Jerusalem Institute for strategic…
    21.12.2018 7929 views
  • 28 min

    2018 Recap - Jerusalem Studio 385

    As the year 2018 is drawing to a close, it is time to looking back and focus on the main events and trends pertaining to Jerusalem's security and foreign policy and its regional involvement. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. -Lt. Col. Res. Reuven Ben Shalom, Cross-cultural strategist and columnist at the Jerusalem Post.…
    20.12.2018 5133 views
  • 28 min

    Growing Iranian influence in Iraq, despite U.S. objections - Jerusalem Studio 384

    Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has voiced his support for the preservation of bilateral relations with his country's Eastern neighbor, the Islamic Republic of Iran. Abdul Mahdi's efforts are made despite Washington's resistance to granting Baghdad special privileges amid American efforts to exert economic pressure on the Ayatollah regime, since the United States pulled out…
    19.12.2018 4488 views
  • 28 min

    Russian-Israeli relations amid Iranian expansionism - Jerusalem Studio 383

    For the last three months, ever since a Russian intelligence collection plane was shot down by Syrian air defense missiles, the relationship between Moscow and Jerusalem has sunk to its lowest point in years. Iran, whose presence in Syria is just one manifestation of its expansionist policy, obviously benefits from this development. Panel: - Jonathan…
    18.12.2018 15305 views
  • 28 min

    Israel's challenges from its northern frontier- Jerusalem Studio 382

    While Israel seemed to be largely concerned by events in Syria, where enemies such as Iran, the Islamic State and Hezbollah have been operating with the civil war as a backdrop, it turns out that the Lebanese border has also been a hub of activity, mostly hidden from view. Earlier this month Israel mounted an…
    17.12.2018 11595 views
  • 28 min

    Antisemitism – Anti-Zionism 2018 - Jerusalem Studio 381

    According to all recent surveys, Antisemitism is on the rise in many countries across the Western world. Distinct from the more remote past, this time around Antisemitism is mixed with sentiments of anti-Zionism. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. -Ambassador Danny Ayalon, Israel's Former Deputy Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the United States -Advocate…
    11.12.2018 1806 views
  • 28 min

    The IDF under newly appointed chief of staff - Jerusalem Studio 380

    Tension flared up on Israel's northern frontier, when military authorities in Tel Aviv announced the discovery of cross-border attack tunnels, which were dug by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah. The rising challenge from the north, amid ongoing threats from the south, are the two most urgent tasks facing the incoming chief of staff of the Israeli Defense…
    07.12.2018 5702 views
  • 28 min

    EU supports JCPOA yet considers sanctioning Iran - Jerusalem Studio 379

    In spite of ongoing efforts by the European Union to preserve the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, some of its member states have demanded a tougher position vis-à-vis – what they termed "Iran's malign activities on European soil." To discuss this development and its implications on efforts to keep the Iran deal alive. Panel: -Jonathan…
    04.12.2018 1442 views
  • 28 min

    Israel faces challenges amid coalition instability - Jerusalem Studio 378

    Israel's governing coalition is undergoing its most severe crisis, since its establishment some three and a half years ago, following the resignation of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making every effort to keep his coalition during – what he termed: a sensitive security period - from disintegrating but other politicians may…
    30.11.2018 4072 views
  • 29 min

    Radical Islam and its Jihad vs. the West - Jerusalem Studio 377

    The best-known groups of global Islamic Jihad, namely al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, and their various off-shoots have seemingly been on the decline lately. However, Western intelligence agencies warn that the fight against these extreme Muslim groups, is far from over. To discuss the dangers of Islamist groups and their Jihad against the West. Panel: -Jonathan…
    27.11.2018 2464 views
  • 29 min

    Strategic outlook for Israel as it starts a new Hebrew year - Jerusalem Studio 357

    Shalom and welcome to Jerusalem Studio, This is the week in which Israel turns the page in its Hebrew calendar on one year and opens a new one. It’s a good time to take stock and survey Israel’s strategic outlook, regionally as well as globally. To Discuss this issue I am joined here in the…
    23.11.2018 3343 views
  • 0 min

    Coming soon... Iran's nuclear aspirations - Jerusalem Studio 339 trailer

    China, Russia, France, Britain and Germany continue to pursue ways of preserving the Iran nuclear agreement, voice their frustration at President Donald Trump's decision to immediately withdraw the United States from commitments made by his predecessor, Barack Obama; in which President Trump decreed Washington's vote in favor of U.N. Security Council resolution 2231 that endorsed…
    23.11.2018 825 views
  • 29 min

    Saudi Arabia following the Khashoggi affair - Jerusalem Studio 376

    For almost two months, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has been on the defensive in the Jamal Khashoggi affair, in which a prominent dissident of the regime has been lured into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey – where he was brutally murdered. While Riyadh denied the involvement of its highest officials in the assassination,…
    23.11.2018 2212 views
  • 29 min

    Syria, the battle between East and West - Jerusalem Studio 375

    As we are heading towards the end of the eighth year in the Syrian civil war, it appears as if – the end game is about to begin, with the Russians, Americans, Iranians, Turks and Israelis, among others, all having a role to play. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. -Dr. Nir Boms –…
    20.11.2018 5534 views
  • 29 min

    Iran following US midterm elections - Jerusalem Studio 374

    The United States midterm congressional elections, which were held last week, have complicated the political situation in Washington – for both domestic and foreign policy issues. To consider the implications of the changed political environment in the American capitol, on President Trump's Iran policy. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. -Dr. Emily Landau, Senior…
    16.11.2018 1866 views
  • 29 min

    Israel and the Arab world - Jerusalem Studio 373

    Israel's relations - with what is considered to be, the moderate Arab world, had recently been upgraded from an open secret to public display, which raises questions vis-à-vis the visibility of Israel's acceptance in the pre-dominantly Arab region. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. -Mr. Danny Ayalon – Israel's Former Deputy Foreign Minister and…
    13.11.2018 6722 views
  • 28 min

    Iran under a new US sanctions regime - Jerusalem Studio 372

    Earlier this week, the second and more severe batch of international sanctions was imposed on Iran by the U.S. Administration, focusing on Islamic Republic's oil and Banking industries. During today's program, we will discuss the potential risks and benefits of the American measures in the face of Iranian resistance and international reluctance; To do so,…
    09.11.2018 4194 views
  • 29 min

    Turkey on the border between East and West - Jerusalem Studio 371

    Turkey, a member of the NATO alliance, has been gravitating over the last several years, toward its old adversary, Russia. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has shifted his country's foreign policy, which has been traditionally pro-American, towards a more balanced direction. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. -Amir Oren, analyst. - Dr. Hay Eitan Cohen Yanarocak: research fellow…
    08.11.2018 3481 views
  • 29 min

    Israel-Jordan, peace treaty enters 25th year Jerusalem Studio 370

    After seemingly having a relatively tranquil quarter century, following the 1994 signing of a peace treaty between Jordan and Israel, a sudden chill is threatening the relations between the two countries, with the announcement by King Abdullah to end certain arrangements of the bilateral agreement. To discuss the expected implications of the move, we are…
    02.11.2018 2553 views
  • 29 min

    Next round of us sanctions on Iran - Jerusalem Studio 369

    On the fourth of November, the United States will reimpose a new batch of international sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, directly targeting Tehran's oil exports and central banking system. To discuss the expected implications of the move, we are joined here in the studio by; 1. Dr. Menahem Merhavy, research fellow, Truman Institute,…
    30.10.2018 2281 views
  • 29 min

    Egypt, reasserting its role as a regional mediator - Jerusalem Studio 368

    In the chaotic tides of the Middle East, Egypt has always served as one of the leading anchors. Both regional states and international powers historically took Cairo into account in the various spheres of Muslim Arab and African affairs. Following turmoil in the early part of this decade, Egypt re-emerges as an important actor under…
    26.10.2018 1788 views
  • 28 min

    Sailing for Jesus in support of Israel - Jerusalem Studio Special 367

    Panel: -Mr. Jonathan Hessen, Host - Mr. Stefan Abrahamsson, Captain of Elida - Ms. Karin Nytomt PR representative of Elida - Rev Magnus Haglund, Lutheran minister in the Church of Sweden - Monika Jaaguri, Reporter TV7
    23.10.2018 1563 views
  • 29 min

    The battle over narratives in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict- Jerusalem Studio 366

    n the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict there are two dominant competing narratives. While Israel seeks to preserve its national security interests and settle some of the territories under its controls, the Palestinians aspire to establish a state of their-own and recall refugees and their descendance from the surround Arab countries with the aim of resettling them…
    19.10.2018 1693 views
  • 29 min

    Iraq's newly elected President amid the Iran-U.S. rivalry - Jerusalem Studio 365

    A new Iraqi government is taking shape in Baghdad following both presidential and parliamentary elections – but the two forces fighting for influence over the country's policy are not indigenous to Iraq. The United States and Iran appear to be on a collision course in this important Arab nation, which borders Iran, Syria, Jordan and…
    16.10.2018 1437 views
  • 29 min

    Russia's deployment of S-300 in Syria - Jerusalem Studio 364

    Russia is delivering to the Syrian military three battalion sets of its advanced S-300PM surface-to-air missile systems. The move comes as a response to the Syrian accidental shooting of a Russia Il-20 spy plane on the 17th of September, for which the Russian Defense Ministry has blamed Israel. Panel: -Jonathan Hessen, host. - Amir Oren,…
    12.10.2018 18471 views
  • 29 min

    Israel and Hamas, on a course to war? - Jerusalem Studio 363

    In late August and early September, Israel and the Palestinian militant Islamic organization Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip and its two million inhabitants, seemed headed towards a lengthy cease-fire, with an improved lot for the poor and desperate population and relief from attacks and anxiety to Israeli civilians across the border. But these hopes…
    09.10.2018 3890 views
  • 29 min

    Israel-Russia power comparison amid crisis - Jerusalem Studio 362

    Shalom and welcome to Jerusalem Studio, right after a Russian intelligence collection plane was shot down by Syrian air defense missiles on September 17, following an Israeli air raid on Iranian targets in Syria, Israel hoped that the relationship between Jerusalem and Moscow will not suffer significantly from this isolated incident. But the Russian Defense…
    05.10.2018 5352 views
  • 29 min

    Shadow wars between Israel and Iran - Jerusalem Studio 361

    Shalom and welcome to Jerusalem Studio, Israel and Iran have been engaged in a shadow war, and to discuss this topic I am joined here in the studio by: 1. Mr. Meir Javendanfar, who is an Iran lecturer AT IDC Herzliya 2. TV7 analysist Mr. Amir Oren 3. Dr. Eran Lerman who is the vice…
    02.10.2018 3272 views
  • 28 min

    EU-US relations, Middle East implications - Jerusalem Studio 360

    A showdown between President Donald Trump and the leaders of EU member states, traditionally considered to be Washington's closest allies, has impacted - what used to be: a united Western front vis-à-vis the Middle East. To Discuss this matter, we are joined in the Studio by: 1. Dr. Eran Lerman who is the vice president…
    28.09.2018 1546 views
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