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    Details on Trump’s “Deal of the Century” emerge - TV7 Israel News 18.01.19

    Today's top stories 18.01.19; 1) In an unprecedented move and detached from the reality on the ground, the Palestinian 'West Bank' leadership assumed the chairmanship of the group of 77 developing nations plus china. 2) US Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette, during a visits to Israel, has cautioned Jerusalem officials of the threats Chinese…
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    Iran’s Revolutionary Guards threaten to attack Israel - TV7 Israel News 17.01.19

    Today's top stories 17.01.19; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated the importance of U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to pull-out from the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, which subsequently thwarted the financial capacity of the Ayatollah regime to bankroll Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas. 2) The top commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, Major General…
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    Iran fails to launch satellite into orbit amid US warnings - TV7 Israel News 16.01.19

    Today's top stories 16.01.19; 1) The Islamic Republic of Iran failed an attempted launch of a satellite into orbit last night, after the domestic-made space vehicle, named Payam, faced "technical problems" before leaving earth' atmosphere. 2) Despite President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw American ground forces from Syria, the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces conquered yet…
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    Iran will face Israel's wrath if it remains in Syria - TV7 Israel News 15.01.18

    Today's top stories 15.01.18; 1) Major General Aviv Kochavi was promoted today to Lieutenant General, as the 54-year-old decorated veteran officially assumed the post of the '22nd Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces.' 2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatens Iran to leave Syria immediately, or-else, face Israel's wrath. 3) France agreed to…
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    Israel destroys Iranian weapons cache in Syria airport - TV7 Israel News 14.01.19

    Today's top stories 14.01.19; 1) The Israeli air force targets over the weekend yet another Iranian weapons cache that was located near the Syrian International Airport in Damascus. 2) Islamist Palestinians launched a rocket last night from the Gaza Strip toward Israel's southern communities – prompting an Israeli aerial response against underground Hamas bases in…
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    IDF chief threatens Lebanon with war - TV7 Israel News 11.01.19

    Today's top stories 11.01.19; 1) A commission of inquiry that sought to examine the Israeli military´s preparedness for war concluded that while apparent flaws were identified, the IDF is indeed ready for an all-out conflagration. 2) IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot warned Israel's northern neighbor that the IDF would be forced to take action…
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    U.S. concerned by growing Chinese involvement in Israel - TV7 Israel News 10.01.19

    Today's top stories 10.01.19; 1) The United States has voiced concern to Israel about growing "Chinese involvement" across the Jewish state. 2) Iranian President Hassan Rouhani revealed that his country will soon launch two new satellites into orbit, using domestically-produced rockets. 3) Kurdish-led groups, who were part of the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State…
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    EU imposes sanctions on Iran for 'murders' on European soil - TV7 Israel News 09.01.19

    Today's top stories 09.01.19; 1) The European Union has announced the imposing of a series of sanctions against the Islamic Republic after the Netherlands joined France and Denmark in accusing the Iranian Security Services for planning and executing assassinations on European soil. 2) U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that the United States will…
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    Israel continues to confront Iranian aspirations in Syria - TV7 Israel News 08.01.19

    Today's top stories 08.01.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu maintained his focus on the growing security challenges surrounding Israel, voicing his resolve to continue confronting Jerusalem's primary threat, namely, the Islamic Republic of Iran. 2) Israel has decided to halt all Qatari-donated funds to the Gaza Strip, in response to a rocket that was fired…
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    U.S. committed to Israel's security despite Syria withdrawal - TV7 Israel News 07.01.19

    Today's top stories 07.01.19; 1) U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton threatens Jerusalem's enemies not to test Washington's commitment to Israel's security. 2) Islamist Palestinians launch a rocket overnight from the Hamas-run territory toward the southern communities of Israel. 3) Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi reveals that security cooperation between Cairo and Jerusalem is the…
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    Israel to escalate efforts against Iran on all fronts - TV7 Israel News 21 12 18

    Today's top stories 21 12 18; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Israel's intention to step up efforts against Iran's web of aggression in the Middle East. 2) The IDF announced that the neutralization and demolition phase of the four cross-border attack tunnels, that were discovered on the northern border with Lebanon, has begun. 3)…
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    U.S. military to withdraw from Syria, despite Israeli objection - TV7 Israel News 20.12.18

    Today's top stories 20.12.18; 1) After days of intensive efforts, by high-ranking Israeli officials, aimed at convincing the Trump Administration to withhold an American military withdrawal from Israel's northern neighbor, Syria; U.S. President Donald Trump announced his decision to end the U.S. military mission in the war-torn-country. 2) A special Russian delegation arrived in Israel,…
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    Netanyahu: Judea and Samaria are the heart of our homeland - TV7 Israel News 19.12.18

    Today's top stories 19.12.18; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared Jerusalem's resolve to settle accounts with Palestinian assailants responsible for acts of terror against Israelis – amid ongoing "counter-terrorism and community defense operations" by IDF forces in the West Bank. 2) The U.N. special representative for the Middle East Peace Process Nikolay Mladenov condemned…
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    Russia and Israel resume military cooperation in Syria - TV7 Israel News 18.12.18

    Today's top stories 18.12.18; 1) Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov revealed that the militaries of Jerusalem and Moscow have resumed cooperation to assure de-confliction in Israel's northern neighbor, Syria. 2) The U.S. State Department's Special Envoy for Syria Disengagement stressed that Iran's continued military presence in the war-torn-country constitutes as a threat to the United…
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    Israel's strength and Spirit proves "we are here to stay!" - TV7 Israel News 17.12.18

    Today's top stories 17.12.18; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that “Operation Northern Shield is progressing according to plan, and will continue to proceed until all of its objectives are met." 2) Hundreds of thousands of Hamas supporters flooded the streets of Gaza city on Sunday, as the Islamist group marked 31 years since its…
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    Whoever attacks Israel will ‘pay with his life’ - TV7 Israel News 14.12.18

    Today's top stories 14.12.18; 1) A large-scale manhunt is ongoing across the West Bank for the perpetrators of yesterday's deadly terror attack, when a Palestinian terrorist opened fire toward a group of Israeli soldiers and civilians at a bus-stop; killing two IDF troops and critically wounding another soldier and a female civilian. 2) The head…
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    Two deadly terror attacks plague Israel in less than 24 hours - TV7 Israel News 13.12.18

    Today's top stories 13.12.18; 1) A series of terror attacks plagued Israel during the day, in which a number of Israeli soldiers and police officers were wounded and killed in two separate incidents. 2) Israeli medical authorities announced the death of the infant that was delivered prematurely in an emergency cesarean section earlier this week,…
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    Israel: We’re prepared for war with Hezbollah - TV7 Israel News 12.12.18

    Today's top stories 12.12.18 ; 1) A third cross-border attack tunnel, which was dug by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah, was located on the northern Israeli-border with Lebanon – extending from Lebanese territory to an area in the Upper Galilee, not far from Kibbutz Yiftah. 2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu relayed a threat to Hezbollah and its…
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    Australia to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel - TV7 Israel News 11.12.18

    Today's top stories 11.12.18; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserted that Israel's military efforts to thwart Hezbollah's cross-border attack tunnels must be advanced in parallel with Jerusalem's efforts on the sectors of public diplomacy, economy, as well as diplomatic efforts vis-à-vis the international community. 2) Sha'are Tzedek Medical Center in Jerusalem said this morning that…
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    Israel set on confronting Iran's aspirations in Syria-Lebanon - TV7 Israel News 10.12.18

    Today's top stories 10.12.18; 1) A total of seven Israelis were wounded yesterday at a bus stop, located near the West Bank Junction of Ofra, when unknown assailants opened fire from a passing-by vehicle, carrying Palestinian license plates. 2) A part of operation "Northern-Shield," IDF forces have located a second cross-border attack tunnel that was…
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    UNGA fails to condemn Hamas terrorism - TV7 Israel News 7.12.18

    Today's top stories 7.12.18; 1) An attempt by the United States to pass a resolution at the United Nations General Assembly, which sought to condemn the Islamist Hamas for its indiscriminate firing of rockets toward Israel's civilian communities had failed to attain the necessary two-thirds majority of the members of the assembly. 2) The Islamist…
    07.12.2018 14018 views
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    Netanyahu warns of consequence to Hezbollah’s aggression - TV7 Israel News 5.12.18

    Today's top stories 5.12.18; 1) The Israeli-Lebanese border appeared claim today, a day after Israel announced a wide-scale operation – dubbed: Northern-Shield – to "expose and thwart" Hezbollah cross-border attack tunnels from its northern neighbor. 2) Prime Minister Netanyahu sent a clear message to the peoples of Lebanon, in which he warned of grave repercussions…
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    IDF launches operation "North Shield" on Lebanese-border - TV7 Israel News 4.12.18

    Today's top stories 4.12.18; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held in the Belgian capital, Brussels, last night - what was described as "an urgent meeting" - with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo :: during which the two discussed the latest developments posed with regard to Iran's malign activities in Israel's northern neighbors. 2)…
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    Iran to continue ballistic missile testing - TV7 Israel News 3.12.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 3.12.18; 1) The Israeli Security Cabinet approved a plan to strengthen "civilian resilience" in the countries southern communities that are located near the Gaza frontier, in efforts by the leadership in Jerusalem to bolster a region that has been subject to Palestinian rocket-fire. 2) Iran's navy launched…
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    Syria: Israeli fighter-jet downed during strike - TV7 Israel News 30.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 30.11.18; 1) Syria claims to have downed an Israeli fighter jet, during an Israeli Air Force attack against Iranian targets, south of the Syrian capital, Damascus. 2) The U.S. Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook revealed a series of weapons that were confiscated by the United States…
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    Hamas' leader to meet President Putin in Moscow - TV7 Israel News 29.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 29.11.18; 1) Amid efforts by the United Kingdom to reach an agreement, aimed at solidifying London's independence from the European Union; British-Israeli relations are on the rise, with Britain's exports to Israel growing by an astounding 75 percent in 2018, compared to the same period of last…
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    Israel is the only answer to rising anti-Semitism - TV7 Israel News 28.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 28.11.18; 1) A new anti-Semitism survey reveals significant European ignorance about the Holocaust and its growing perception which attributes to the Jewish people too much influence across multiple industries and global decision making. 2) the Iranian nuclear chief threatened the European Union's top diplomat that Tehran's patience…
    28.11.2018 16973 views
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    Israel views two-state solution as ‘security threat’ - TV7 Israel News 27.11.18

    Today's top stories 27.11.18; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that there are those that are keen on attaining temporary peace at the price of making pacifying agreements with aggressive tyrannical regimes, first of foremost, with the dangerous totalitarian regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. 2) Three IDF soldier were injured when a vehicle…
    27.11.2018 16446 views
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    Syria accuses Islamic terrorists of chemical attack - TV7 Israel News 26.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 26.11.18; 1) Chadian President Idriss Deby paid a surprising and historic visit to Jerusalem, more than 46 years after the pre-dominantly Muslim country severed diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. 2) The Islamist Hamas organization, which controls the Gaza Strip, urged the Muslim and Arab world to…
    27.11.2018 4365 views
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    Israel’s core threats: Gaza, West Bank and Iran - TV7 Israel News 23.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 23.11.18; 1) Prime Minister Netanyahu listed three major fronts, which are the core challenges Israel deals with, including: the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and Israel's northern frontier, where it is also tackling the Iranian threat. 2) Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif travelled to Rome, Italy,…
    23.11.2018 19171 views
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    Iran threatens: U.S. bases within our missile range - TV7 Israel News 22.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 22.11.18; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of a resurgence of antisemitism has once again emerged, in the name of radical ideologies, seeking to harm and demonize the Jewish people and the State of Israel. 2) Members of the OPCW, the Organizations for the Prohibition of…
    22.11.2018 23130 views
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    IDF actions prevent Iranian aspirations - TV7 Israel News 21.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 21.11.18; 1) before IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot held a tour along Israel's northern frontier with Syria, during which Israel's number one officer asserted that "The fact that Iran's abilities are far from what it had aspired to, is a result of (Israel's) ongoing operational activity."…
    21.11.2018 32808 views
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    Russia deploys advanced Su-57 fighter-jets in Syria - TV7 Israel News 20.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 20.11.18; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the coalition crisis had ended, after reaching an agreement with his partners to preserve the government for its remaining duration, under Israeli law. 2) Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz al-Saud urged the international community to take preemptive measures against…
    20.11.2018 33165 views
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    Hamas vows to target Tel Aviv in next round of fighting - TV7 Israel News 19.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 19.11.18; 1) A surprising turn of events is expected see Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition survive for the time-being, as Education Minister Naftali bennet decides to keep his faction in the Government. 2) Despite Jerusalem's pursue of a long-term arrangement with the Islamist organizations in the Gaza…
    19.11.2018 26325 views
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    Israel: early elections expected amid coalition crisis - TV7 Israel News

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 16.11.18; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is holding consultations about calling for early elections, after his main coalition partners refuse to accept the appointment of Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett as the new Defense Minister. 2) The Special American Representative for Iran hailed Israel as a "fantastic…
    16.11.2018 9156 views
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    Israel-Hamas ceasefire decision ‘undisclosed rationale’ - TV7 Israel News 15.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 15.11.18; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized, during a memorial ceremony of the country's first leader David Ben Gurion, that during a time of crisis, a good leader must make bold decisions, even when facing domestic criticism. 2) The Islamist Hamas organization referred to the resignation of…
    15.11.2018 22521 views
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    Israel’s security cabinet decides to dodge Gaza war, prompts DM resignation-TV7 Israel News 14.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 14.11.18; 1) After a six-hour meeting, the Israeli security cabinet – which is headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – announced its decision 'to halt further air strikes and other attacks on terror installations in the Gaza Strip', and 'to renew Jerusalem's efforts to reach an arrangement…
    14.11.2018 23925 views
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    Palestinian Islamists launch more than 400 rockets toward Israel - TV7 Israel News

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 13.11.18; 1) Palestinian Islamists launch some 400 rockets towards Israel's southern communities in the last 24 hours, killing one civilian and injuries more than 80 others. 2) The Spokesman for the Islamist Hamas organization accused Israel of bearing full responsibility for the latest escalation - vowing to…
    13.11.2018 27869 views
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    IDF officer killed in operation "gone bad" in Gaza - TV7 Israel News 12.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 12.11.18; 1) The situation on Israel's southern frontier has yet again escalated into a violent confrontation – as an Israeli operation gone bad resulted in the death of one Israeli officer and seventeen rockets fired indiscriminately by Islamist Palestinians toward Israel's southern communities. 2) Prime Minister Netanyahu…
    12.11.2018 75498 views
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    Progress reported in Egyptian-led talks for an Israel-Hamas ceasefire - TV7 Israel News 9.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 9.11.18; 1) Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has reportedly succeeded in persuading Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to agree to a ceasefire arrangement being formulated between Israel and the Islamist Hamas organization. 2) Israel has allowed Qatar to transfer 15 million dollars to the Gaza Strip, as part…
    09.11.2018 5581 views
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    U.S. alerts "nations" not to do business with Iran - TV7 Israel News 8.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 8.11.18; 1) The United States has warned the international community not to test Washington's resolve vis-à-vis the international sanctions it imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran. 2) Israeli Intelligence and Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz was warmly welcomed, for a visit aimed at presenting his Arab counterparts…
    08.11.2018 8201 views
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    Iran blames Israel for a series of cyber-attacks - TV7 Israel News 7.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 7.11.18; 1) Iran's telecommunications minister accuses Israel of perpetrating a series of cyber-attacks against the Islamic Republic's telecommunications infrastructure and cellular network. 2) U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton announced that the last round of international sanctions, which targeted the Islamic Republic's oil and banking sectors, was…
    07.11.2018 13453 views
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    U.S. to force Iran into poverty, unless it changes its course - TV7 Israel News 6.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 6.11.18; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has, once again, hailed U.S. President Donald Trump for re-imposing sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran – a move the Israeli leader defined as "courageous, determined and important for stability, security and peace. 2) Iranian President Hassan Rouhani vowed…
    06.11.2018 9930 views
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    U.S. reimposes sanctions, targeting Iran's oil and Banking sectors - TV7 Israel News 5.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 5.11.18; 1) The United States reimposes a new series of international sanctions against Iran, targeting its oil and banking sectors, as part of Washington's efforts to pressure the Islamic Republic to abandon its malign activities. 2) Iran has announced the production of a new domestic-made fighter-aircraft, which…
    05.11.2018 6274 views
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    Iran is the most potent of Islamic militant forces, Netanyahu says - TV7 Israel News 2.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 2.11.18; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of ongoing efforts by militant Islam to attack the civilization that values liberty peace and progress - Islamic terrorism that does not differentiate between Arabs, Europeans or Israelis – while referring to the Islamic Republic of Iran as the…
    02.11.2018 12374 views
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    Washington to apply maximum pressure on the Iranian regime - TV7 Israel News 1.11.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 1.11.18; 1) U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton stressed that Washington will continue to apply maximum pressure on the Iranian regime, aimed at forcing the Islamic Republic to abandon its malign activities. 2) A U.S. State Department spokesperson underscores that "the final boundaries of Israeli sovereignty and…
    01.11.2018 8623 views
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    Pressure mounts in Tehran ahead of newly imposed U.S. sanctions - TV7 Israel News 31.10.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 31.10.18; 1) Four days before the United States will reimpose a series of sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, Tehran's top diplomat warns that the American move will have "severe consequences" for the world order." 2) Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the international community must…
    31.10.2018 13200 views
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    Jerusalem acts to defend itself from Palestinian terror - TV7 Israel News 30.10.18

    Visit our website - Today's top stories 30.10.18; 1) The Palestine Liberation Organization's Central Committee decides to revoke its recognition of Israel, until the Israeli leadership would recognize a Palestinian state within the pre-1967-borders with East Jerusalem as its capital. 2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reportedly attempting to avoid a war with Gaza,…
    30.10.2018 27075 views
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