Iran determined to defeat "American-Zionist front" - TV7 Israel News 17.05.19

Today's top stories 17.05.19;
1) The Islamic Republic of Iran vowed to defeat, what its top defense official termed "the American-Zionist front," as tensions between Washington and Tehran continue to mount.
2) Washington has ordered all of its non-emergency government workers to immediately leave Iran's Western neighbor, Iraq – for fear of an imminent escalation.
3) Russian president Vladimir Putin has offered to serve as a mediator between the United States and Iran – as Washington is apparently seeking for diplomatic-channels with Tehran that will effectively diminish the prospects of war.

  • Published: May 17, 2019
  • Duration: 10 min

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    Russia takes advantage of U.S. withdrawal in Syria - TV7 Israel News 16.10.19

    Today’s top stories 16.10.19; 1) U.S. President Donald Trump threatened Turkey that unless it ceases hostilities in Syria, it will face a series of additional sanctions, including massive tariffs on steel exports to the United States. 2) After American forces withdrew yesterday from the Syrian city of Manbij, Heavily armed convoys with Syrian and Russian…
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    U.S. sanctions Turkey over Syria offensive - TV7 Israel News 15.10.19

    Today’s top stories 15.10.19; 1) The U.S. has imposed a series of sanctions against Turkey, in response to Ankara’s military operation against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces. 2) . The European Union member states announced a joint decision to limit arms exports to Turkey, yet stopped short of implementing a bloc-wide embargo. 3) Following the…
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    Syrian Kurds ‘cut a deal’ with Damascus and Moscow to confront Turkey - 14.10.19TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories; 1) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan declared over the weekend, that Turkey will not stop its Syria-offensive, dubbed by Ankara: “Operation Peace Spring,” irrespective of growing international condemnations and threats of global retaliatory sanctions. 2) French President Emmanuel Macron held consultations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel regarding a united European approach toward…
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    Israel warns of possible genocide against Kurds - TV7 Israel News 11.10.19

    Today’s top stories 11.10.19; 1) Israel strongly condemned the Turkish operation against Kurdish areas in northeast Syria and warned against the danger of ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish population by Turkey and its proxies. 2) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan levelled a warning toward the European Union ‘not to condemn’ his country’s military operation in…
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    Turkey launches military operation against Northeast Syria - TV7 Israel News 10.10.19

    Today’s top stories 10.10.19; 1) Turkey intensified artillery and aerial strikes against Syrian border’ towns and villages, shortly after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the official launch of a cross-border operation, with the aim of establishing a long-aspired safe-zone. 2) U.S. President Donald Trump reiterated his threat “to wipe out” Ankara’s economy, if it would…
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    U.S. threatens Turkey over Syria invasion - TV7 Israel News 08.10.19

    Today’s top stories 08.10.19; 1) Turkey launched a military offensive against northeast Syria, near the country’s border with Iraq – vowing to eradicate all terror organizations operating in the area. 2) U.S. President Donald Trump warned Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan not to exceed from its declared operational intensions, or else, it would suffer an…
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    U.S. withdraws from Syria ahead of Turkish invasion - 7.10.19 TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories; 1) Israel has lost its patience with Turkey over the latter’s alleged efforts to spread its influence over the pre-dominantly Arab-populated-neighborhoods of East Jerusalem. 2) U.S. Forces began withdrawing from positions along Syria’s northeastern border-region with Turkey this morning, ahead of an imminent Turkish military invasion. 3) Mossad Director Yossi Cohen has…
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    Netanyahu urges unity amid growing Iranian threats - TV7 Israel News 04.10.19

    Today’s top stories 04.10.19; 1) Incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu underscores the importance of forming a unity government – amid a political deadlock – due to the growing threats of a wide-scale escalation with the Islamic Republic of Iran. 2) President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with Jordan’s King Abdullah, during which the latter thanked…
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    U.S.: Europe is waking up to Iran’s aggressive behavior - TV7 Israel News 03.10.19

    Today’s top stories 03.10.19; 1) Israel’s political crisis persists, despite continued efforts by Incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to form a new government. 2) The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran announced that it ‘will continue to scale back the country’s commitments under the 2015 nuclear agreement with world powers.’ 3) Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned…
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    Netanyahu argues innocence in pre-trial hearings - TV7 Israel News 02.10.19

    Today’s top stories 02.10.19; 1) Incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pre-trial hearings vis-à-vis allegations of bribery, fraud and breach of trust kicked off this morning in the Attorney General’s Office in Jerusalem. 2) Russian President Vladimir Putin met with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani to discuss the 2015 multilateral nuclear deal - among other regional…
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    Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Reveals Plan To Annihilate Israel - TV7 Israel News 01.10.19

    Today’s top stories 01.10.19; 1) Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps commander Major General Hossein Salami declared that the elimination of Israel from the world map is an achievable goal, which will be attainable as part of the second step of the Islamic Revolution. 2) The Syrian and Iraqi governments announced the reopening of the Al-Qa’im…
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    'Iran’s actions may lead to global economic crisis' - 30.9.19 TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories; 1) Prime Minister and Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu will advance with a final effort this week, together with his centrist political rival Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz, ‘to try and bridge the gaps in negotiations to establish a national unity government.’ 2) The Israeli Security Services, Shin Bet, in a joint…
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    IDF praised for acumen - TV7 Israel News 27.09.19

    Today’s top stories 27.09.19;  1) Incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also serves as Jerusalem’s Defense Minister, ordered Israel’s Defense Forces to remain vigilant amid growing challenges – including the possibility of an all-out war.  2) Israeli Foreign Minister Yisrael Katz reiterated Jerusalem’s concerns vis-à-vis Iran, which he called the key instigator of…
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    Netanyahu to form next government - TV7 Israel News 26.09.19

    Today’s top stories 26.09.19; 1) Israeli President Reuven Rivlin formally tasked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the legal mandate of forming Jerusalem’s next government coalition. 2) Iran threatens the international community, claiming that a U.S. military withdrawal is the only way to guarantee regional security. 3) U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the imposition…
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    Israel: 'Ready for Iran battle' - TV7 Israel News 25.09.19

    Today’s top stories 25.09.19; 1) Prime Minister and Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival, Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz, held their second meeting this evening at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem, as part of their continued efforts to form a national unity government. 2) Israel has joined France, Britain and Germany in accusing…
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    'Not confident Tehran-Washington can avoid war' - TV7 Israel News 24.09.19

    Today’s top stories 24.09.19; 1) Prime Minister and Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu joined trilateral talks with Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin – in a Presidential-initiated push for the creation of a national unity government. 2) Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned that he is not confident that Tehran…
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    Impasse May Force 3rd Israeli Elections - 23.9.19 TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories; 1) Israeli President Reuven Rivlin concluded two days of consultations with representatives of all of the political parties that were elected to Jerusalem’s 22nd parliament, the Knesset – and is deliberating on whom to task with forming the next Israeli government. 2) The United States has been following closely the political developments…
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    Iran’s responsibility for Saudi attack, an “act of war” - TV7 Israel News 20.09.19

    Today’s top stories 20.09.19; 1) ‘Blue and White’ Chairman Benny Gantz has favorably responded to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s calls for A unity government; yet insisted that only he will serve at the helm of the next Israeli government. 2) U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has concluded a trip to Saudi Arabia and the…
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    Netanyahu Urges Unity Government with Gantz - TV7 Israel News 19.09.19

    Today’s top stories 19.09.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attempts to form a right-wing-religious bloc that will attempt to negotiate a unity government with the emerging winner of Israel’s parliamentary elections, Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz. 2) Two deadly bombardments devastate Iranian-backed militant positions near the Syrian border with Iraq. 3) U.S. President Donald…
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    Israeli election results inconclusive - TV7 Israel News 18.09.19

    Today’s top stories 18.9.19; 1) Israel’s national parliamentary elections ended inconclusively last night, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failing to gain a necessary bloc of at least 61 mandates. 2) Jordanian King Abdullah warns that if Israel would annex the west bank, it would have a direct impact on Jerusalem’s relationship with Amman and Cairo.…
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    Israel Holds Historic, 2nd Election in 2019 - TV7 Israel News 17.09.19

    Today’s top stories 17.09.19; 1) In one-hour time, voting polls across the Jewish State, after millions of Israelis flooded to voting stations, for the second time in just over five months. 2) Saudi Arabia announces that that according to preliminary findings, ‘the attack on the oil plants over the weekend was carried out with Iranian…
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    Suspected Iranian attack on Saudi Aramco oil plants - 16.9.19 TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announces three recently-presented components, which according to him, are vital to ensure both the national security and future of the Jewish State. 2) Two of the Kingdom’s major Aramco oil plants, including the world’s largest oil processing facility, were attacked over the weekend by Yemen’s Iranian-backed…
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    Netanyahu: wide-scale war with Gaza is inevitable - 13.9.19 TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared upon his return to Israel, that it was possible that Jerusalem would be forced to launch a wide-scale military operation against the Islamist organizations in the Gaza Strip, even before the country’s imminent parliamentary elections, which are scheduled for the 17th of September. 2) the U.S.-based…
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    IDF Responds Forcefully to Palestinian Rocket Fire - 12.9.19 TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories; 1) Palestinian Islamists continue to fire rockets and mortar shells from the Gaza Strip toward Israel’s southern communities – prompting a series of Israeli retaliation strikes. 2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a meeting with President Vladimir Putin in the Russian resort city of Sochi, during which they discussed primarily the situation…
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    Netanyahu vows to assert Israeli sovereignty over West Bank - 11.9.19 TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared last night that he will seek to apply Israeli sovereignty over the Jewish communities in the West Bank, which includes the Jordan Valley and the Biblical districts of Judea and Samaria. 2) Palestinian Islamists launch rockets from the Gaza Strip toward Israeli civilian communities, prompting a…
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    Israel Exposes Iranian Nuclear Site - TV7 Israel News 10.09.19

    Today’s top stories 10.09.19; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disclosed new information about what he described as “additional secret sites in Iran’s nuclear program.” 2) French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian warns the Islamic Republic of Iran that unless it immediately renounces its decisions regarding its compliances with the 2015 nuclear deal, these measures…
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    Israel Faces Multi-Front Hostilities - 9.9.19 TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories; 1) Tensions surrounding Israel’s hostile borders have once again intensified over the weekend, raising renewed concerns over a possible escalation. 2) The Israeli Air Force allegedly targets an Iranian troop concentration and vehicles, as well as pro-Iranian militias, in the area of Abul Kamal in eastern Syria, reportedly killing at least 18…
    September 09, 2019 69392 views
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    Iran halts commitments under JCPOA on nuclear development and research - TV7 Israel News 06.09.19

    Today’s top stories 06.09.19; 1) The Islamic Republic of Iran has informed the European Union that it formally ceased all of its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on nuclear research and development. 2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concluded his one-day trip to the United Kingdom this morning, underscoring that his discussions with…
    September 06, 2019 16735 views
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    Netanyahu: “Now is not the time for dialogue with Iran” - TV7 Israel News 05.09.19

    Today’s top stories 05.09.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made an unscheduled trip to the United Kingdom this morning, after the Islamic Republic announced its decision to further scale back its nuclear-related commitments under the 2015 nuclear agreement. 2) The United States special representative for Iran Brian Hook announced a series of new sanctions against…
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    Israel avoids multi-front war - TV7 Israel News 04.09.19

    Today’s top stories 04.09.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that a combination of decisive and sagacious actions, prevented the volatile situation from deteriorating into a multi-front conflict. 2) The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit released satellite images of what it describes as another Hezbollah precision-guided missile factory in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, near the southern village of…
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    Hezbollah: ‘No more red lines in battle against Israel’ - TV7 Israel News 03.09.19

    Today’s top stories 03.09.19; 1) Following the exchange of cross-border fire between Israel and Iran’s Lebanese-proxy Hezbollah, the IDF maintains a high level of alert, which according to a military official, “is expected to last for several more days, unless Hezbollah miscalculates Jerusalem’s resolve to defend itself.” 2) Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov revealed that…
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    Exchange of Fire On Israeli-Lebanon Border - TV7 Israel News 02.09.19

    Today’s top stories 02.09.19; 1) Heightened tensions along Israel’s northern frontier with Lebanon escalated into an exchange of cross-border hostilities over the weekend, causing extensive damage in both Israel and Lebanon. 2) Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah claims that his organization does not possess any factories to produce precision-guided missiles – while acknowledging that it…
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    Israel exposes Iran-Hezbollah missile project in Lebanon - 30.8.19 TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories; 1) The Israeli military released a document that purports to unveil a covert joint-project that is being carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon, in which Tehran is making significant efforts to arm its Shi’ite Lebanese proxy with hundreds of precision-guided missiles. 2) Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad…
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    Lebanon attempts to down Israeli drones amid heightened tensions - 29.8.19 TV7 Israel News

    More on Iraq at our latest Jerusalem Studio: Today’s top stories; 1) Palestinian Islamists attempted to launch a rocket from the Gaza Strip toward Israel’s southern communities last night – prompting an Israeli retaliatory strike against a Hamas observation post. 2) The Lebanese army opened fire toward a number of Israeli drones that reportedly…
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    Hezbollah preparing “calculated strike” on Israel - 28.8.19 TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories; 1) Palestinian Islamists in the Gaza Strip launched five rockets and mortar shells toward Israel’s southern communities. 2) The rocket fire from Gaza toward Israel infuriated Egyptian officials, who threatened to withdraw Cairo’s sponsorship of “truce arrangement efforts with Israel.” 3) Iran’s Lebanese-proxy Hezbollah is preparing for a “calculated strike” against Israel,…
    August 28, 2019 36613 views
  • 10 min

    Israel on high alert over expected Hezbollah attack - TV7 Israel News 27.08.19

    Today’s top stories 27.08.19; (Picture: Flash90) 1) The IDF raised its state of alert along Israel’s northern frontier, in anticipation of an expected retaliatory-attack by Iran’s Lebanese-proxy, Hezbollah. 2) An informed intelligence source reveals to TV7 that ‘Israel was not behind the latest deadly explosions within Iranian-backed installations in Iraq.’ 3) U.S. president Donald Trump…
    August 27, 2019 53987 views
  • 10 min

    Israel launches aerial strikes in Syria, Lebanon & Gaza - TV7 Israel News 26.08.19

    Today’s top stories 26.08.19; 1) Israel says it managed to thwart an Iranian drone attack on its northern Golan Heights region, after the Israeli Air Force targeted multiple Iranian-proxy installations, south of the Syrian capital, Damascus. 2) Following the air strike in Syria, two Israeli drones crashed in the Dahiya quarter of the Lebanese capital…
    August 26, 2019 67635 views
  • 10 min

    Deadly Terror Attack Claims Teenager’s Life, Wounds Father and Brother - TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories 23.08.19; (Picture: Flash90) 1) An Israeli teenager was killed, and two others were severely wounded this morning, when an explosive device detonated near the Ein Bubin spring, which is located next to the West Bank settlement of Dolev. 2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that Israel is operating against Iran in Iraq,…
    August 23, 2019 17718 views
  • 10 min

    Gaza Palestinians Resume Mortar-Fire into Israel - TV7 Israel News 22.08.19

    Today’s top stories 22.08.19; 1) Palestinian Islamists resumed rocket and mortar fire from the Gaza Strip toward Israel’s southern communities – prompting Israeli retaliatory strikes on the Hamas-controlled territory. 2) The mostly Iranian-backed Popular Mobilization Forces, PMF, have officially blamed Israel and the United States for a series of devastating explosions that destroyed a number…
    August 22, 2019 33415 views
  • 10 min

    "Faith in God - the Cause for Israel’s Resilience" - TV7 Israel News 21.08.19

    Today’s top stories 21.08.19; 1) Israel has reportedly attacked an Iranian target in Iraq, the fourth such known operation in the past several weeks. 2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declares that the foundation that brought about the inception of the state of Israel, is first and foremost: faith in God. 3) U.S. Secretary of State…
    August 21, 2019 28646 views
  • 10 min

    Hamas Threatens to Escalate Violence along Gaza Border - TV7 Israel News 20.08.19

    Today’s top stories 20.08.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who visited together with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy the site of the Babi Yar Massacre, reiterated that the state of Israel’s main objective is to prevent a repetition of the dark past of the holocaust. 2) The Hamas organization has issued a threat, in which it…
    August 20, 2019 23107 views
  • 10 min

    Concerns over Israel-Gaza conflict Grow - TV7 Israel News 19.8.19

    Today’s top stories; 1) Tensions escalate over the weekend, raising renewed concerns of a possible wide-scale military conflagration between Israel and the Islamist organizations in the Gaza Strip. 2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasizes that while Israel continues to respect all political parties in the U.S. equally, it cannot allow representatives that support the BDS…
    August 19, 2019 37646 views
  • 10 min

    Palestinians Stab Israeli Police Officer at Temple Mount - TV7 Israel News 16.08.19

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    August 16, 2019 23601 views
  • 10 min

    Iran: Hezbollah Capable of Annihilating Israel - TV7 Israel News 15.08.19

    Today’s top stories 15.08.19; 1) Commander of the Islamic revolutionary Guards Corps, Major General Hossein Salami, declared that the Iranian proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah, attained the necessary capabilities to defeat and destroy Israel in any possible war, while claiming that the Shi’ite militia could do so without any foreign assistance. 2) Iranian President Hassan Rouhani…
    August 15, 2019 35998 views
  • 10 min

    Israel Targets Iranian Installations in Iraq - TV7 Israel News 14.08.19

    Today’s top stories 14.08.19; 1) A top Israeli government official declares that the time has come for Israel to work on changing the status quo on Jerusalem’s Temple mount, the location where both biblical Temples were once stood, and which is regarded as the holiest site in Judaism 2) A government-led investigation into circumstances surrounding…
    August 14, 2019 59188 views
  • 10 min

    Netanyahu Hails Shin Bet for Apprehending IDF soldier’s Murderers - TV7 Israel News 13.08.19

    Today’s top stories 13.08.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the Israeli Security Agency, Shin Bet, for its relentless contribution to the security of the Jewish State, and most recently its role in intelligence and operational activities that brought about the capture of two Palestinian suspects that were allegedly involved in the killing of IDF…
    August 13, 2019 33930 views
  • 10 min

    Temple Mount Clashes Erupt as Muslims refuse Jewish Presence - 12.8.19 TV7 Israel News

    Today’s top stories; 1) Violence erupted in and around Jerusalem’s Temple Mount yesterday, when thousands of Muslim worshipers sought to forcefully thwart non-Muslim entrance into the ancient compound – where both biblical Temples once stood. 2) Two separate attempts of infiltration by Islamist militants from the Gaza Strip into Israel were thwarted over the weekend…
    August 12, 2019 99716 views
  • 10 min

    Iran Threatens Israel Not to Join U.S. Coalition - TV7 Israel News 09.08.19

    Today’s top stories 09.08.19; 1) Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of 19-year-old Dvir Sorek, in the midst of continued efforts by Israeli security forces to locate and apprehend the perpetrators. 2) The Assad regime condemned the United States and Turkey for deliberating so-called “actions of a prolonged occupation” of northeastern Syria; While Ankara warned…
    August 09, 2019 48310 views
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