IDF exposes covert Hezbollah activities along Israel-Syria border - TV7 Israel News 13.03.19

Today's top stories 13.03.19;
1) The Israeli military unveiled classified intelligence information, dubbed "the Golan file," which exposed an extensive covert effort by the Iranian-proxy Hezbollah to building – what the IDF termed as - "terror infrastructure on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights."
2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue "to take vigorous action against Iran's attempts to entrench militarily in Syria," and against Hezbollah and Hamas that continually employ terror against the Jewish state.
3) Clashes broke out in Jerusalem's Temple Mount, after the Israeli police decided to close the complex gates in response to a firebomb that was thorn at a police post within the ancient compound, damaging the structure.

  • Published: March 13, 2019
  • Duration: 10 min

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    Israel conducts two airstrikes on Syrian targets - TV7 Israel News 20.05.19

    Today's top stories 20.05.19; 1) The Israeli air-force conducted two separate aerial-strikes on Syrian targets, over the weekend – against infrastructure reportedly used as "a stockpiling and transit point for Iranian missiles." 2) Saudi Arabia accuses Iran of seeking to de-stabilize the Middle East, after responsibility for last-week's sabotage-attack, on four oil-vessels at the UAE…
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    Iran determined to defeat "American-Zionist front" - TV7 Israel News 17.05.19

    Today's top stories 17.05.19; 1) The Islamic Republic of Iran vowed to defeat, what its top defense official termed "the American-Zionist front," as tensions between Washington and Tehran continue to mount. 2) Washington has ordered all of its non-emergency government workers to immediately leave Iran's Western neighbor, Iraq – for fear of an imminent escalation.…
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    Palestinians mark Israel’s Independence as a day of catastrophe - TV7 Israel News 16.05.19

    Today's top stories 16.05.19; 1) Thousands of Palestinians held mass-demonstrations along the Gaza Strip' border-barrier with Israel, during violent protests to mark the 71st anniversary of what Palestinians call the "Nakba", Arabic for catastrophe, which refers to their perception of the outcome of the 1948 Jewish-Arab war, following the creation of modern-day Israel, when thousands…
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    U.S. Ambassador: ‘Don’t underestimate the God of Israel’ - TV7 Israel News 15.05.19

    Today's top stories 15.05.19; 1) Jerusalem's most sacred site, the ancient Temple Mount compound - where both biblical Temples once stood - will be closed to all non-Muslim visitors during this year's "Jerusalem Day" celebrations, which marks the city's reunification under sovereignty of the Jewish state. 2) The United States and Israel celebrated last night…
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    Iran to attack Israel if stand-off with U.S escalates - TV7 Israel News 14.05.19

    Today's top stories 14.05.19; 1) Israeli officials are voicing concerns about a possible military confrontation with "Iranian forces," should the stand-off between Tehran and Washington escalate into a wider-Middle East war. 2) U.S. President Donald Trump emphasized, during a white house meeting with visiting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, that if Iran would act to…
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    Iran threatens to target USS Abraham Lincoln - TV7 Israel News 13.05.19

    Today's top stories 13.05.19; 1) In accordance with the Egyptian-brokered arrangement, Israel reopened its border-crossings with the Gaza Strip, expanded the permitted fishing-zone, off the Mediterranean coast of the enclave, and lifted some restrictions on imported goods – that despite violent riots that occurred on Friday along the Israeli-Gazan frontier. 2) EU Foreign Policy Chief…
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    Netanyahu: Bible is our ‘present and future’ - TV7 Israel News 10.05.19

    Today's top stories 10.05.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel's unwavering love for the land, security and the Bible - the cornerstone of Israel's existence – have secured the state's past, present and future. 2) U.S. President Donald Trump insists that while he hopes to avoid a military confrontation with Iran, he cannot…
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    U.S. ‘won’t be held hostage by Iran’s nuclear blackmail’ - TV7 Israel News 09.05.19

    Today's top stories 09.05.19; 1) Israel celebrated its 71st Independence Day today, with festive celebrations, including a ceremony at the President's residence in Jerusalem, as well as hundreds of thousands of families across the country enjoying the Israeli tradition of gathering in national parks to barbeque. 2) Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif insisted that…
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    Israel threatens Iran amid JCPOA scale-back - TV7 Israel News 08.05.19

    Today's top stories 08.05.19; 1) Israel marked its Memorial Day, today, commemorating the memory of the country's 23,741 fallen soldiers and 3,150 civilian victims of terror, since the inception of the Jewish state, 71 years ago. 2) Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced this morning that the Islamic Republic will immediately cease its adherence to the…
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    U.S.: Iranian activities may lead to escalation - TV7 Israel News 07.05.19

    Today's top stories 07.05.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns that the current ceasefire with Gaza is merely a hiatus in cross-border attacks, and as such, the IDF continues to maintain a large military presence along the border with the Hamas controlled enclave, and is preparing for the next cycle of violence. 2) U.S. Secretary…
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    700 rockets fired from Gaza toward Israel - TV7 Israel News 06.05.19

    Today's top stories 06.05.19; 1) An Egyptian-brokered cessation of hostilities took effect this morning, after some 700 rockets and mortar shells were fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israel's southern communities over the weekend, in the deadliest recorded eruption of violence since the 2014 Gaza war. 2) Jerusalem's former National Security Adviser, General Ya'akov Amidror,…
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    Islamic Jihad vows to strike major Israeli cities - TV7 Israel News 03.05.19

    Today's top stories 03.05.19; 1) White House senior Adviser Jared Kushner has warned that the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict is getting more and more unsustainable – yet noted that the so-called "deal of the century" would provide a solid political starting point for a viable solution. 2) The Gaza based, Iranian-Palestinian-proxy, Islamic Jihad, vowed to "strike…
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    Israeli communities under rocket-fire - TV7 Israel News 02.05.19

    Today's top stories 02.05.19; 1) Palestinian Islamists launched two rockets early this morning from the Gaza Strip toward Israel's southern communities – that after the Israeli Air Force targeted a series of Hamas terror installations in the northern part of the Palestinian enclave. 2) Israel marked today its annual Holocaust Memorial, in remembrance of the…
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    Gazan Islamists launch a rocket toward Israel - TV7 Israel News 30.04.19

    Today's top stories 30.04.19; 1) After several weeks of relative quiet, Palestinian Islamists have launched a rocket, late last-night, from the northern Gaza Strip toward Israel's southern communities. 2) Under Secretary General for Political and Peacebuilding affairs Rosemary DiCarlo warned that “hopes for the realization of a two-state solution continue to be replaced by the…
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    "Israel's warmongering between the US and Iran" - TV7 Israel News 29.04.19

    Today's top stories 29.04.19; 1) Israel released two Syrian prisoners yesterday afternoon, sending them back to Syria, in what Jerusalem officials said, was a “goodwill gesture” to Damascus following the return – less than a month ago - of the remains of late Israeli soldier Zachary Baumel, who went 'Missing In Action' during the 1982…
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    Lebanon vows to target Israel's airport if attacked - TV7 Israel News 26.04.19

    Today's top stories 26.04.19; 1) Lebanon has warned Israel to avoid any military adventure against it, and threatened to conduct retaliatory bombardments if Jerusalem would target strategic Lebanese installations. 2) The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon, UNIFIL, announced that following an independent technical investigation, a third tunnel that was uncovered by Israel's Defense Forces…
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    Iran threatens 'oil-embargo will lead to war' - TV7 Israel News 25.04.19

    Today's top stories 25.04.19; 1) Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has warned the United States not to prevent the Islamic republic's oil shipments from safely transiting through the Strait of Hormuz, or else "it should be prepared (to face) the consequences." 2) Saudi Arabia has vowed to keep the balance of the global oil…
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    Israel to honor Trump over Golan recognition - TV7 Israel News 24.04.19

    Today's top stories 24.04.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel will name a new community on the Golan Heights after U.S. President Donald Trump as an expression of gratitude for the American leader's signed proclamation, in which he recognized Jerusalem's sovereignty over the strategic plateau. 2) Israel's leadership maintains an open position about…
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    U.S. decision on Iran raises prospects of conflict - TV7 Israel News 23.04.19

    Today's top stories 23..04.19; 1) The United States has announced its decision to end all waivers vis-à-vis oil purchases from Iran, as part of its "maximum pressure" campaign that seek to "deprive the (Ayatollah) regime of the funds it has used to destabilize the Middle East. 2) The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has once again…
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    Rouhani: Israel and U.S. are the root of regional problems - TV7 Israel News 18.04.19

    Today's top stories 18.04.19; 1) Israeli President Reuven Rivlin formally designated incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to 'try to form Jerusalem's next government coalition.' 2) White House senior adviser Jared Kushner urged a group of ambassadors to keep an "open mind" vis-à-vis the anticipated Middle East peace initiative, dubbed by President Donald Trump as "the…
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    U.S. listed IRGC as terror organization - TV7 Israel News 17.04.19

    Today's top stories 17.04.19; 1) Less than a day after a U.S. decision to designate Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terror organization has officially taken effect, the Iranian Parliament approved a countermeasure to the American move by adopting a bill that labels the United States Military in the Middle East as a terrorist…
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    Gazan’s launch incendiary balloons despite ceasefire - TV7 Israel News 16.04.19

    Today's top stories 16.04.19; 1) An official Israeli delegation was forced to cancel its scheduled participation at a conference in the Kingdom of Bahrain, after a Shi'ite terror group threatened to bomb the hotel where they may have planned on staying. 2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has secured the 61 seats necessary to receive the…
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    Israel strikes Iranian targets in Syria - TV7 Israel News 15.04.19

    Today's top stories 15.04.19; 1) Israeli fighter-jets targeted a Syrian military installation early Saturday morning, causing extensive damage to a number of hangars and buildings, that according to an intelligence source "were used by 'Iranian elements' for the purpose of manufacturing medium-range missiles." 2) U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted that Prime Minister Benjamin…
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    Israel's "Beresheet" spacecraft fails final maneuver - TV7 Israel News 12.04.19

    Today's top stories 12.04.19; 1) Israel's Central Elections Committee announced the final results of the April 9th Parliamentary Elections – providing Incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party with an additional mandate. 2) A Palestinian non-governmental organization publishes a survey revealing deep mistrust and resentment among Palestinians toward their own leaders. 3) The journey of…
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    Netanyahu's rivals vow to make his life 'a living hell' - TV7 Israel News 11.04.19

    Today's top stories 11.04.19; 1) Blue and White party Chairmen Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid announced that they will accept the democratic process, after results indicated a clear victory for Netanyahu's right-wing and religious bloc. Nevertheless, they refused to accept defeat and vowed to use the Knesset as a battle ground for the purpose of…
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    Netanyahu's right-wing bloc wins Israeli elections - TV7 Israel News 10.04.19

    Today's top stories 10.04.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing-religious bloc has won Israel's Parliamentary Elections, paving the way for Netanyahu's a fifth term in office. 2) Declaring his victory as 'tremendous achievement', Netanyahu vows to be the Prime Minister of all of Israel's citizens, from all sectors of society. 3) Iranian Authorities announced their…
    April 10, 2019 13651 views
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    Israel votes amid neck-and-neck election - TV7 Israel News 09.04.19

    Today's top stories 09.04.19; 1) Its election day in Israel, and at this hour, voters across the nation have one more hour to cast their ballots for the 21st Knesset. 2) The United States has announced its decision to designate Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization, as part of a pressure campaign against…
    April 09, 2019 31718 views
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    Israel to assert sovereignty over the West Bank - TV7 Israel News 08.04.19

    Today's top stories 08.04.19; 1) Some 5.8 out of Israel's 8.9 million citizens are set to vote tomorrow in the country's Parliamentary elections, with by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz neck-and-neck in the latest projections. 2) In a last-minute pre-elections promise, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared his intension…
    April 08, 2019 140442 views
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    Syria vows to recapture the Golan Heights - TV7 Israel News 05.04.19

    Today's top stories 05.04.19; 1) Damascus has vowed to use all means necessary to recapture every inch of the Israeli Golan Heights, which Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Mouallem underscored, "remains occupied Syrian territory." 2) The remains of IDF soldier Zachary Baumel were laid to rest at the Mount Herzl military-cemetery in Jerusalem, more than 36…
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    Developments in Syria - TV7 Israel News 04.04.19

    Today's top stories 04.04.19; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin in Moscow today, during which the two leaders discussed developments pertaining to the situation in Syria. 2) The remains of Sergeant First Class Zachary Baumel, a U.S.-born IDF tank commander, was flown to Israel on a civilian…
    April 04, 2019 16627 views
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    IDF soldiers neutralized Palestinian terrorist - TV7 Israel News 3.04.19

    Today's top stories: 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is scheduled to traveled tomorrow to Moscow for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin - less than a week after the Israeli air-force had allegedly conducted an aerial strike on an "industrial zone" northeast of the Syrian city of Aleppo. 2) An attempted terror attack…
    April 03, 2019 19879 views
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    Iranian efforts to provoke a Gaza-Israel conflict, Jerusalem officials say - TV7 Israel News 2.04.19

    Today's top stories 2.04.19; 1) After a year in which the Islamist organizations in Gaza had fired 1233 rockets toward Israeli civilian communities, set off 94 explosive-devices along the border, and set fire to more than 8,000 acres of Israeli land - Jerusalem has allowed – effective immediately - the expansion of the fishing zone…
    April 02, 2019 41395 views
  • 10 min

    Israel concedes to Hamas despite terror emanating from Gaza - TV7 Israel News 01.04.19

    Today's top stories 01.04.19; 1) The first anniversary of weekly violent-border-riots, dubbed by its organizers "The March of Return," concluded on Saturday – with "only" 40,000 Palestinians participating in the rally. 2) Several hours following the mass protests along the Gaza frontier, Palestinian Islamists launched a barrage of rockets towards Israel's southern communities, to which…
    April 01, 2019 69452 views
  • 10 min

    Israel continues to confront Iran in Syria - TV7 Israel News 29.03.19

    Today's top stories 29.03.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized that Israel will "exhaust all options" before it would decide to launch an extensive military campaign against the Islamist organizations in the Gaza Strip. 2) A day after the aerial strike on Iranian targets in northeastern Syria, Israel vows to continue to confront the Islamic…
    March 29, 2019 90926 views
  • 10 min

    Israel reportedly strikes Iranian targets in Syria - TV7 Israel News 28.03.19

    Today's top stories 28.03.19; 1) The Israeli air-force has reportedly conducted an aerial strike on an "industrial zone" northeast of the Syrian city of Aleppo, causing damage to infrastructure. 2) A U.N. Security Council session on Washington's recognition of Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights concluded with international condemnations, which the Israeli Representative termed as…
    March 28, 2019 26818 views
  • 10 min

    Gaza-Islamists continue to fire rockets toward Israel - 27.3.19 TV7 Israel News

    Today's top stories;  1) Despite reports of a possible Egyptian-brokered 'truce-arrangement', Palestinian Islamists have continued to sporadically launch rockets from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip toward Israel's southern communities.  2) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urged - in an address to the powerful AIPAC lobby – to confront those who seek to weaken Israel's…
    March 27, 2019 157493 views
  • 10 min

    Israel under intensive rocket-fire amid IAF retaliation - TV7 Israel News 26.03.19

    Today's top stories 26.03.19; 1) Extensive exchanges of fire took place since yesterday evening, with Islamists launching more than sixty rockets from the Gaza Strip towards Israel's southern communities – while Israel conducted dozens of airstrikes against Hamas military targets across the Palestinian enclave. 2) In a historic act of staunch support, President Donald Trump…
    March 26, 2019 20287 views
  • 10 min

    Gaza rocket strikes home in central Israel - TV7 Israel News 25.03.19

    Today's top stories 25.03.19; 1) Tensions peaked this morning, when six Israelis sustained injuries, when a rocket that was fired from Gaza struck their home in central Israel. 2) The United Nations Human Rights Council has once again condemned the Jewish state, for what the U.N. Agency referred to as "(Israel's) apparent intentional use of…
    March 25, 2019 32346 views
  • 10 min

    U.S. recognizes Israel's sovereignty over Golan Heights - TV7 Israel News 22.03.19

    Today's top stories 22.03.19; 1) In a historic declaration, U.S. President Donald Trump announced his decision to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights. 2) U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a stark warning to Israel, in which Washington could reduce its defense ties with Jerusalem over Israel’s growing cooperation with China. 3) Leaders…
    March 22, 2019 68109 views
  • 10 min

    Israel vows to confront Iran in Syria - TV7 Israel News 21.03.19

    Today's top stories 21.03.19; 1) Tensions are rising amid an escalation of violence in several locations across the West Bank and along the border with the Gaza Strip. 2) Prime Minister Netanyahu praises the United States for providing Israel "full backing" to defend itself against Iran's aggression, and vows to continue to take action as…
    March 21, 2019 49570 views
  • 10 min

    Netanyahu Hails Terrorist’s Neutralization - 20.3.19 TV7 Israel News

    Today's top stories;  1) Israeli forces neutralized the Palestinian terrorist who carried out the deadly stabbing and shooting attack at the Ariel Junction earlier this week.  2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows to reject President Trump's so-called "deal of the century" if it involves evacuating Jewish settlements from the West Bank, or dividing…
    March 20, 2019 85732 views
  • 10 min

    Syria-Iran: U.S. must withdraw or face consequences - TV7 Israel News 19.03.19

    Today's top stories 19.03.19; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the site of Sunday's deadly terror attack that claimed the lives of two Israelis and critically injured another – during which he vowed to confront terrorism by assuring the eternal presence of the Jewish people in their ancient homeland. 2) The United Nations Human…
    March 19, 2019 21511 views
  • 10 min

    Two Israelis killed in deadly West Bank terror attack - TV7 Israel News 18.03.19

    Today's top stories 18.03.19; 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a direct warning toward the Islamist Hamas organization, in which he stressed that 'any attack against Israel that emanates from the Gaza Strip will be met with a vigorous response.' 2) The IDF launched a wide-scale manhunt for a Palestinian terrorist who killed two Israelis…
    March 18, 2019 77154 views
  • 10 min

    Rockets launched toward Tel-Aviv - TV7 Israel News 15.03.19

    Today's top stories 15.03.19; 1) Palestinian Islamists have launched a barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip towards the civilian communities of the Jewish state, in a spike of hostilities that Israeli security officials warned "may deteriorate the (tense) situation into a conflagration." 2) In an unusual step that indicated an attempt by Hamas to…
    March 15, 2019 55342 views
  • 10 min

    Israel and Iran stress military resolve amid exchange of threats - TV7 Israel News 14.03.19

    Today's top stories 14.03.19; 1) Jerusalem has issued a warning to Iran and its proxy Hezbollah 'not to test Israel's determination to preempt any aggression directed against it' after the IDF exposed an infrastructure network along the country's border with Syria. 2) Iran's Defense Minister Amir Hatami has vowed to "respond firmly" to any Israeli…
    March 14, 2019 62351 views
  • 10 min

    IDF exposes covert Hezbollah activities along Israel-Syria border - TV7 Israel News 13.03.19

    Today's top stories 13.03.19; 1) The Israeli military unveiled classified intelligence information, dubbed "the Golan file," which exposed an extensive covert effort by the Iranian-proxy Hezbollah to building – what the IDF termed as - "terror infrastructure on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights." 2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to continue "to take…
    March 13, 2019 48916 views
  • 10 min

    Hamas demands Israeli-concessions in return for ceasefire - TV7 Israel News 12.03.19

    Today's top stories 12.03.19; 1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the time has come for the international community to recognize and accept the fact that the Golan is – and always will be – part of the sovereign state of Israel. 2) Israel announced the planned-construction of some 24,000 new housing-units across Jerusalem,…
    March 12, 2019 60775 views
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    Gaza-Israel tension escalates amid spike in violence - TV7 Israel News 11.03.19

    Today's top stories 11.03.19; 1) Tensions on the Gaza frontier have once again spiked over the weekend, with thousands of Palestinians partaking in violent protests along the border-region with Israel, and several exchanges of fire between Islamists and IDF troops increasing the prospects of a possible conflagration. 2) While the violence in Gaza escalated over…
    March 11, 2019 0 views
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