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Today's top stories 26.09.16;

Ø 1) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets in New York separately with the candidates for US president, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, during which Trump promises a united Jerusalem to Israel, while Clinton promises to thwart any international attempt to impose a solution for the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Ø 2) US Secretary of State John Kerry reveals that the Obama Administration has still aspirations to advance several 'attainable goals' in the next several months to keep a two-state-solution alive for the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

Ø 3) A senior Israeli defense official revealed that a massive underground barrier, which is under construction along the Gaza Strip's security fence, should be completed in a matter of months.
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Today's top stories 23.09.16;

Ø 1) The European Union's Court of Justice is considering the removal of the Palestinian Islamist Hamas organization from the EU's terror blacklist.

Ø 2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during his address to the UN General Assembly, extends an invitation to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to directly address the Israeli public at the Israeli Parliament in Jerusalem, the Knesset.

Ø 3) Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel, during his address to the UN General Assembly, of continually evading international conferences that seek to advance peace.
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Since the last round of US-brokered peace negotiations, between Israel and the Palestinians - collapsed in 2014 - and while the West prefers to focus on other international and regional challenges; Russia has stepped up efforts to use its unique position in the Middle East by persuading both Israel and the Palestinians to resume negotiations under its own auspices.

1. Ms Michlin Shapir, Research associate - INSS
2. Ms Paula Slier, Middle East Bureau Chief – Russia Today

Amir Oren
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The #Syrian Defense Ministry announced a large-scale military operation in the eastern neighborhoods of #Aleppo, calling on civilians to stay away from rebel-held areas.
TV7 Israel News
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