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Spokesman for the Indian Foreign Ministry noted that India will comply to American demands to cut imports from-and-to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The demand, which was made by the U.S. State Department, asked from all countries around the world to cut oil imports from Iran to zero or face crippling sanctions. “I think it … Read more
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned once again of the aggression posed by Iran and its proxies across the Middle East, while emphasizing that Israel “will not allow the Islamic Republic to develop nuclear weapons or entrench itself militarily in Israel’s northern neighbor, Syria. In an address to the IDF’s pilots’ course graduation ceremony, … Read more
In light of a foreseeable offensive by the Syrian military against rebels in the Daraa and Quneitra districts, Israeli officials have emphasized that they will not permit a single Syrian refugee to cross into Israel. That said, Israel is reportedly preparing to transfer large quantities of food and medical supplies to assist refugees on the … Read more
German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas announced that the unilateral withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement “remains (in Germany’s eyes, as) a foreign and security policy cardinal error.” Speaking at an event entitled “The Future of Nuclear Order,” Maas warned that Washington’s decision posed “major challenge to multilateralism and the nuclear non-proliferation architecture overall.” “The unilateral … Read more
U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are expected to hold a summit on the 15th of July, which according to reports will take place in the Finnish capital, Helsinki. Among others, the two leaders are expected to discuss the war in Syria, including an American demand for a full Iranian withdrawal from … Read more
Senior Israeli, Saudi, Egyptian, Jordanian and Palestinian intelligence officials recently met to secretly discuss advancing a peace process to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to a report in a new edition of Intelligence Online the summit meeting was held on June 17 in Aqaba under American auspices. President Donald Trump’s top adviser Jared Kushner, and the … Read more

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