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Today's top stories 20.10.17;
1) Israel welcomes Washington's demand of Hamas to renounce violence and commit to peaceful negotiations – a demand the Islamist Palestinian group vehemently rejects, stressing it has no intention of recognizing the State of Israel.
2) A mortar explodes on the Israeli side of the Syrian Golan Heights, prompting an Israeli retaliation against a Syrian military outpost.
3) President Vladimir Putin declared that he had ground to believe that Moscow, along with Damascus, would soon defeat the terrorists that have plagued the war-torn-country of Syria.
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Jerusalem Studio 275 - The fate of the JCPOA, following US review of compliance

The announcement by US President Donald Trump, in which he decertified the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran, raises many questions with regard to the fate of the international deal, as well as Washington's ability to re-establish a global front to challenge Iranian aggressions.
To discuss this topic, I'm joined here in the studio by;
1. Dr. Eldad Pardo, Research Director – Impact SE & Lecturer on Iran at the Hebrew University Jerusalem
2. Dr. Emily Landau, Senior Research Fellow, INSS

Analyst: Amir Oren
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