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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his ruling AK party claimed a decisive victory in country’s presidential and parliamentary election. The decisive victory indicated a clear victory over what was defined as the most significant electoral challenge to the long-time Turkish leader and his Islamist faction.  The head of Turkey’s electoral board said Erdogan had … Read more
The Israeli military launched a patriot missile in the northern part of the Golan Heights, toward an unmanned aerial vehicle that was flying in the direction of Israel’s air-space. According to the IDF, the unidentified drone retreated unharmed, following the launching of the patriot-missile, returning to an area controlled by President Bashar Assad’s forces. According … Read more
Syria’s military launched a combined attack against rebel-held areas in the southwestern part of the war-torn-country, by means of artillery and air-strikes. The attack, which according to Western intelligence sources is backed by Iranian-sponsored militias, comes in defiance of the United States, which reiterated its demand of the Assad regime to halt any assault on … Read more
U.S. President Donald Trump’s top adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner revealed that Washington plans to announce in the near future its peace initiative for Israel and the Palestinians, which would seek to bring-an-end the decades old Israeli-Arab conflict. In an interview to the Palestinian daily, ‘Al Quds’, Kushner underscored doubts of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ … Read more
The American decision to withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council drew international criticism, with EU member states referring to the move as “bad news for anyone who cares about Human Rights.” “It is a bad news. It is a bad news for this council; it is a bad news, I think, for United … Read more
The Chief of the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guards rejected a plea from Iranian activists to agree to negotiate with the United States on resolving differences, accusing those that demand negotiations of “siding with the United States, the enemy of the Iranian peoples.” General Mohammad Ali Jafari was quoted by the ISNA news agency as warning … Read more

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