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Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon asked the UN Security Council and the world body’s Secretary General Antonia Guterres to condemn Hamas. In a letter he sent to Guterres, Danon stressed that Israel had cooperated with the United Nations to relieve the situation in Gaza, yet the escalating situation proved that there were … Read more
After a short hiatus from last night, when Palestinians launched 17 rockets towards the Jewish state in response to an Israeli commando operation deep in the Gaza Strip’s territory; Palestinian Islamists, under the directives of Hamas, have launched more than 400 rockets towards Israel’s southern communities, in the last 24 hours. Only some 100 of … Read more
Despite threats that were voiced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, experts believe that Turkey is not likely to conduct further military operations in Syria regardless of the continuing friction between Turkish security forces and Kurdish militants in the northern region of the war-torn-country. Turkey has recently been active in Syria’s eastern region along the … Read more
As a result of the events in Israel’s south, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu cut short his visit to France, where he attended a peace forum commemorating the 100’s anniversary of the armistice of World War I. During the developing situation in Gaza, the Israeli leader held a series of consultations with Israel’s security establishment, after … Read more
The situation on Israel’s southern frontier has yet again escalated into a violent confrontation. During the course of last night, the IDF conducted an operation in the southern Gaza Strip, east of Khan Yunis city. According to various reports, which were confirmed by TV7, an elite IDF special forces unit infiltrated the Hamas-run territory, after … Read more
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed five Israeli athletes whom returned from the Grand Slam judo tournament, which took place in Abu Dhabi. The tournament signified Israel’s growing relations with its Arab neighbors, marking the first times the Israeli national anthem, Hatikvah, was played and the Israeli flag was raised in the United Arab Emirate, after … Read more

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