Netanyahu: “Whomever threatens our existence, threatens himself”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who attended a graduation ceremony for Israeli air-force pilots, declared Israel’s ability to determine its own fate by defending itself, a true privilege.  Netanyahu referred to the significant role of the Air Force in defending Israel, and also took the opportunity to warn Iran, that whomever threatens the existence of the Jewish state, threatens their own existence. “We have the ability and the privilege to defend our national sovereignty and control our fate, in the sky, on the ground, in the sea, through intelligence, as well as Cyber. The Air Force is sheltering us and has the capability to land a mighty blow on those who seek to harm us.” / “That is why we cast on the Air Force key missions for the security of Israel and out of them I will mention three today. Those who harm our sovereignty will be harmed, second, harming the straightening of our enemies. The IDF and Air Force are operating on a wide range and a narrow range to prevent this straightening, and third and most important, to make shore that anyone who threatens our existence is threatening his own existence. The Air Force holds a key role in this top mission,” Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said.