IDF chief threatens Lebanon with war

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot warned Israel’s northern neighbor that the IDF would be forced to take action against Lebanon, if Iran would entrench itself militarily, along-side its proxy Hezbollah. Lieutenant General Eisenkot, who is due to end his term as the IDF’s Chief of Staff next Tuesday, insinuated during an interview with Israel’s … Read more

Israel’s military prepared for all-out war

A commission of inquiry that sought to examine the Israeli military´s preparedness for war concluded that while apparent flaws were identified, the IDF is indeed ready for an all-out conflagration. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also serves as the country’s Defense Minister, attended the meeting together with the country’s top military officials. Among others, the … Read more

Netanyahu seeks to avoid “unnecessary war” in Gaza

As a result of the events in Israel’s south, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu cut short his visit to France, where he attended a peace forum commemorating the 100’s anniversary of the armistice of World War I. During the developing situation in Gaza, the Israeli leader held a series of consultations with Israel’s security establishment, after … Read more

Iran announces production of new domestic-made military fighter-jet

Iran has announced the production of a new domestic-made fighter-aircraft, which aims at bolstering the Islamic Republic’s aerial capabilities amid the growing tension with its regional rival and the United States. “Soon the needed number of this plane will be produced and put at the service of the Air Force of the Islamic Republic of … Read more

President Trump vows to use every instrument against terror

U.S. President Donald Trump vowed to use every instrument available to confront the sinister forces of terrorism, while stressing that the war against terror was one of the reasons for his decision to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.  According to Trump, “We will use every instrument in our national power to confront … Read more

Russia demands of Iran and its proxies to leave southern Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov asserted once again that non-Syrian forces had to leave southern Syria with the utmost haste. This was the second time in three days in which Lavrov has voiced this demand, underscoring Moscow’s position, in which there was no place for an Iranian presence in southern Syria, particularly in the area … Read more

UNSC fails to adopt statement condemning Hamas rocket-fire toward Israel

An informal cease-fire took hold yesterday after close to 22 hours of mortar shell and rocket fire out of the Gaza Strip toward Israel’s southern communities and IDF retaliatory strikes on militant installations belonging to the Islamist Hamas and Islamic Jihad across the Palestinian enclave. The massive barrage of rockets and mortar shells that were … Read more

Israel broadens number of ministers required to declare war

Israel’s security cabinet voted to amend the “declaration of war law” that was passed a month ago and which, in its original format, granted powers to the prime minister and the defense minister to declare war on their own, without the approval of the country’s security cabinet. The amendment to the law, which was introduced … Read more

Israel threatens Iran with war if the latter entrenches itself in Syria

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in an address to air force commanders from around the world, reiterated Jerusalem’s strong support for the Trump Administration’s approach toward the threats posed by the Islamic Republic of Iran – asserting Israel’s resolve in thwarting Tehran from entrenching itself along Israel’s northern frontier and its aspiration to acquire nuclear weapons. … Read more

Israel’s military prepares for war amid an imminent Iranian attack

The IDF has instructed local authorities to open bomb-shelters across the Golan Heights region last night, that after spotting preparations by Iranian forces in Syria to fire missiles at toward the Jewish state. The military instructions came minutes before President Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal from the 2015 international nuclear deal, a move that has … Read more