12,000 Palestinians riot along Gaza-Israel border, marking Iran’s ‘Jerusalem Day’

Violent protests were recorded over the weekend along the Gaza Strip’s border with Israel, with more than 12,000 demonstrators reportedly rioting at five separate locations along the enclave’s border-fence. Palestinian organizers linked the protests to the annual “Jerusalem Day” events that are marked by the Islamic republic of Iran, which has voiced its support for the Islamist Hamas organization that rules the Gaza Strip, by declaring its support in efforts to bring about Israel’s annihilation.

“What is important today is that, on the Iranian Quds (Jerusalem) Day, the day that the Iranian fundamentalist regime has decided to commemorate Jerusalem for their purposes, Hamas chose this day to do yet another attack or stage another riot against Israel,” IDF Spokesman Jonathan Conricus said.


During the course of the riots, four Palestinians were reportedly killed by IDF gunfire. In addition, Palestinian officials said that more than 600 people were wounded, 120 of whom were treated for bullet-wounds.

Meanwhile, The Palestinian protesters, under the directives of the Islamist Hamas, continue to fly incendiary kites and balloons from the Gaza Strip into Israel. More than a dozen fires broke out over the weekend, with fire-fighting teams – challenged by dry weather conditions – managed to gain control of the fires after battling the flames for several hours. Among other areas, the Israeli community of ‘Karmei Katif’, which is located in the Lachish Regional Council, was forced to evacuate because of a fire.

On Saturday, for the first time since the use of incendiary kites and balloons began, the IDF targeted explosive balloon launchers as a warning to the Islamist organizations in Gaza. The move comes after Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, from Israel’s ruling Likud party, called last week to carry out targeted killings of people who flew incendiary kites – asserting that Palestinians using incendiary kites and balloons are “flying bombs in every sense,” and must be dealt with the same way as those who are firing missiles and rockets towards Israel’s communities. Nevertheless, as of yet, Israel’s government has not formulated a plan for coping with incendiary kites that have burnt more than 2,500 acres.