Bennett: lack of int’l protest against Gaza rockets

The Israeli leader made the complaint during a telephone conversation with United Nations Secretary General António Guterres. By Erin Viner According to a statement communicated by the Prime Minister’s Foreign Media Advisor obtained by TV7, Bennett “expressed his disappointment at the absence of condemnation by the UN for the firing of rockets at Israel.” “The … Read more

Economic protests flare in Lebanon

Drivers of truck, buses and other protestors blocked main roads in Beirut and additional areas in a show of anger at government failure to resolve the country’s devastating economic crisis. By Erin Viner Lebanese civilians have been struggling to cope with massive devaluation of the national currency that has sent prices skyrocketing amid a devastating … Read more

Fiery protests erupt in Lebanon

Demonstrators blocked roads and set fire across Lebanon in protest at the country’s economic meltdown as the country’s currency plummeted to an historic new low. By Erin Viner Protestors erected roadblocks on city highways and intersections in central Beirut, Tripoli in the north, Sidon in the south and elsewhere yesterday. They burned tires and garbage … Read more

Lebanese hold economic protests

Days of continuous protest are ongoing in Lebanon fueled by further downturns in an already-shattered economy amid political turmoil. Demonstrations started this past Tuesday after the currency tumbled to a new low, enraging a population long terrified over the financial meltdown. Fall by the Lebanese pound to ل.ل.‎ 10,000 to $1 US dollar was the … Read more

Netanyahu faces protest, trial

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pleaded not guilty to corruption charges in the Jerusalem District Court today. “I confirm the written answer submitted in my name,” Netanyahu told the 3-judge panel, referring to a document his attorneys filed last month arguing that their client is innocent of bribery, breach of trust and fraud. The Israeli … Read more

Anti-Netanyahu protests resume

Hundreds of Israelis protested against continued rule by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu across the country last night. The anti-Netanyahu demonstrations have been ongoing for 24 consecutive weeks, over his indictment on criminal charges and perceived mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic. Clashes between police and activists were reported in Tel Aviv. An estimated 200 people marched in … Read more

Macron-Erdogan row fuels Muslim protest

Israel “unites in shock and condemnation of the atrocious attack” at the Notre-Dame Basilica church in Nice that claimed three lives, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “All civilized peoples must stand in full solidarity with France against the scourge of terrorism,” he said. “There can be no justification or equivocation.” France is now on its … Read more

Anti-Netanyahu protests enter 18th week

Thousands of Israelis protested against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Saturday (October 24) for the 18th consecutive week. Hundreds of major demonstrations were held in the largest cities of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa and outside the Premier’s private home in Caesarea,  as well as at intersections and overpasses throughout the country. According … Read more

Anti-Netanyahu protests turn violent

Clashes between crowds and police erupted during dozens of anti-government protests across Israel in recent days. Dozens of people were arrested as thousands of people marched over the weekend, in defiance of controversial new legislation against mass protests as part of the coronavirus lockdown. The new law bans Israelis from attending demonstrations more than 1 kilometer … Read more

Anti-Netanyahu protest continues despite new ban

Public opposition to continued rule by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been undeterred by tightened coronavirus restrictions barring demonstrations. The Israeli Knesset ratified a government-backed edict two days ago on 30 September after an all-night debate, that comes as part of the country’s second national lockdown aimed at curbing COVID-19 that went into effect … Read more