A Swedish mega-yacht “sailing for Jesus” shows solidarity with Israel

After years of multiple flotillas of pro-Palestinian activists had attempted to breach Israel’s blockade of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip in declared efforts to delegitimize the Jewish state; “a different kind” of a “protest flotilla” arrived at Israel’s Mediterranean Coastline. A Swedish mega-yacht called ‘Elida’, operating under the slogan “Sailing for Jesus” with 52 Israel-loving passengers on board, set sail from Sweden’s port of Gothenburg towards Israel. Accompanied by dozens of local vessels of Israelis ecstatic over the first pro-Israeli voyage, the ‘Elida’ arrived at the Israeli port of Herzliya yesterday afternoon. Stefan Abrahamsson, skipper of Elida, said their mission aims to raise awareness about the persecuted Christians across the Middle-East and to support the Jewish State as the only beacon of light for democracy in the region. Skipper Abrahamsson, told TV7 that “What we are doing now is the solidarity journey for the Christians in the Middle East who are suffering in Syria and different places. And like a light house in the Middle-East, there is a small country with the best values of all. So we wanted to sail here and tell everybody: Go on, stand for it and we would like to support you.”Among those welcoming the pro-Israeli vessel was Israel’s former Ambassador to Sweden Isaac Bachmann, who voiced on behalf of the Israeli government, Jerusalem’s deep appreciation. Former Israeli Ambassador to Sweden Isaac Bachman told TV7 that “For us to have somebody who takes initiative and comes with the group of 50 Swedes on a maritime voyage of solidarity with Israel, it is a big thing. We look at it as something that should be appreciated. We show our appreciation for such an initiative.” The Elida is expected to dock in Herzliya until the 22 of October, welcoming visitors to come onboard, meet the crew, enjoy some Swedish coffee and cake, and talk about politics, religion and life with the first maritime delegation of Israel-loving Swedes.