image Photo: Flash90

Anti-Netanyahu protests resume

Hundreds of Israelis protested against continued rule by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu across the country last night.

The anti-Netanyahu demonstrations have been ongoing for 24 consecutive weeks, over his indictment on criminal charges and perceived mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Clashes between police and activists were reported in Tel Aviv. An estimated 200 people marched in the coastal city, while 150 others also took to the streets in nearby Ramat Gan.

At least 1,000 citizens gathered outside the Prime Minister’s official residence in Jerusalem last Saturday night, continuing their demand for his resignation.

The outcry comes amid this week’s preliminary vote by the Knesset to dissolve itself over political impasse between Netanyahu and his coalition partner, Benny Gantz. The fourth round of elections will result if three more readings of the dissolution are passed, or if a state budget is not approved by the 23 December deadline.

Meanwhile, the nation’s economy has been hard hit by two national lockdowns and ongoing restrictions imposed to curb COVID-19. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis are unemployed, including many of the Prime Minister’s fiercest critics.