Australia set to recognize Israel’s capital on Saturday

Pending last-minute changes, Australia is expected to announce on Saturday that it recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In a report published by FPA, citing officials in Canberra, the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state will be made this weekend. As was reported on TV7 earlier this week, even if Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, he did not intend to relocate the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem because of the high costs attached to such a move, and for diplomatic and security reasons. Both international and domestic media outlets have accused the Australian Prime Minister of using Jerusalem as a political pawn, ahead of a possible election campaign next year. To safeguard his re-election, Morrison must attract the support of Jewish and conservative Christian voters and strengthen his position vis-a-vis the White House. Nevertheless, a close associate of Prime Minister Morrison told TV7 that the move had no political foundation, rather; “the personal conviction of the Prime Minister, as an openly declared evangelical Christian, encouraged him to bring forward the question of Jerusalem’s recognition,” “a decision that speaks to the heart of every person who believes in the fulfillment of biblical scriptures.”