ohhh thank you, this is a week long awaited episode of Jerusalem Studio…

- Rio Wanaha

Thank you for your updates. I am praying daily for the Peace in Jerusalem and the Salvation of Israel

- Sally Olin

Thank you TV7 for your faithfulness. Keep going what you’re doing! God bless you!

- Petra Mitchell

Love from Iranian watching your great news we love you Israel’s we go back 3500 years ago love you all wish you all safe and happiness ❤️❤️❤️

- Me SAF

How inspirational! Nothing is impossible for our great GOD! It really increases my faith for praying in faith for the lost in this world! Bless you and this ministry.

- Teresa Batel

I like this type of reporting. Bout time someone started reporting this type of info from this area

- A Mercy Received

God bless you Israel from India

- Gangaraju Nagulapalli

Shalom from Azerbaijan!

- A. Memmedov

Praying for Israel

- Kween B

I love this channel, thanks so much

- Warren Wall