“Great discussion. I learn so much from this broadcast. So much is talked about and I wish more people would pay attention to this. Very historic. to see what is going on.”

- Jeff Hartson,December 15th

“May the Lord Jesus Christ bless all who watch this and the great nation of Israel as we prepare in the next few years for the return of our Lord Savior and King Jesus. I pray for the Peace of Israel and for everyone of the children of Almighty God. Thank you TV7 for giving me the word/food of God to continue my journey within the evil beast I live at the moment, where the Lord wants me. Praise the Lord, God is good and Jesus is Lord and King.”

- Joe Matthew, December 20th

“I love this program.....old warriors telling stories. Great.”

- Vit Suchodol, November 20th

Jesus guide and protect Israel Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem I ask this in Jesus name Amen”

- John Nemeth, December 13th

“I absolutely love this channel. The fact that Yeshua is at the forefront of an Israeli programme is so beautiful.”

- Christian Thompson, November 28th

“You have shown us that u've been a good 'brothers keeper", ... yes, yes. Watching over your neighbors, "Jesus taught of being a brothers keeper"

- Ruth Hayes, November 22nd

“The sequence of event's are accelerating so rapidly in the middle east its hard to keep up sometimes and this monthly summary is a good reminder for those who are interested in keeping up with what is taking place on the ground. Thank you TV7.”

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“What a great platform for these people to share and communicate Thank you Mr. Hessen-TV7 for this program”

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“TV7 News has done it again for offering new subjects concerning not only Jerusalem, but all peoples the world over . I particularly like all the guests individually in their own way, and of course Amir. What a great panel! Looking forward to the next update.”

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Shalom, blessings for everyone and prayers for humanity 🙏 Thank you TV7 & Jonathan for everything you bring & give, such valued information of truth

- Kim Kurbitz