Thank you for the timely Middle East News!! #TV7IsraelNews

- Susan Spaulding

God bless TV7 News Israel. Fantastic News channel we all must watch & appreciate. God Bless Israel. God Bless Ally Israeli Brothers & Sisters. Thank You

- Joy Mukherjee

Thank you TV7 for giving honor and praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We love you guys!

- Jvarney64

Great job John tv7 is one of my new watches…great job reporting guys and gals

- John Johnson

I love this News channel!

- Joe Smith

Thanks TV7 for keeping us informed!

- T Deeb

God bless IL and TV7. Thanks for giving us real journalism unlike the main stream media

- Luke Davis

thanks for the interesting show. Very good panel. Informative and very nice to follow. Good work tv7 crew

- Martin Andree

Wow! What magnificent messageing from God’s Word! I didn’t know you were Christian Jews! It is so encouraging to listen to your conversations! I am going to get back into my Bible, here in Indiana, USA. May God continue to Bless you abundantly. There are so many of us in the USA who love you very much!

- James fisk

thank you so much for the ministry you are providing! These programs have been a blessing. Having a trusted place to get news, updates as well as the continued encouragement in God’s Word is much appreciated

- Andrea privett