God Bless Israel from The United States of America

- Owen Frick

"Brilliant program. Great panelists. Informative insight. A vibrant discussion. Finally a group of well respected men are standing up for Europe."

- TV7 Europa Stands: Strategic Situation Assessment - October 2021

Thank you both for your very balanced opinions and judgements

- Peggy Griffiths

I thank you TV7 Israel, for a Great Program, that I you have ever showed. I thank you all, God Bless, Amen

- D. Galo

Thank you all of Israel for standing on the front lines. May G-d always shine down on you. Thank you TV7 for bringing the world your news. I am so grateful you are back

- Lyle Brown

Thanks again for excellent analyses of the situation in Israel

- Travel Trudge and Timeout

Excellent report. Short right to the point. Very professional.

- Mike B

Thank you very much for the reports TV7. It is great to see you on a daily basis again. God bless the team of TV7 and all of Israel

- Grafted olive branch

Bless you TV7, Praising our LORD for being able to see your channel, bless you family, prayers for Israel, your all in my heart.

- Terry Nelson

We come to you for news in Israel. Thank you

- Lorele Beverland