Thank you very much for the reports TV7. It is great to see you on a daily basis again. God bless the team of TV7 and all of Israel

- Grafted olive branch

Wow, the things we are seeing! Thank you for the update…they are hard to fin. You and Amir help us out!

- Sharon Andrews

Bless you TV7, Praising our LORD for being able to see your channel, bless you family, prayers for Israel, your all in my heart.

- Terry Nelson

So Glad you are back God Bless Israel, America and the world in Jesus name Amen

- Ruth Ann Brooks

Shalom welcome back to tv7 Israel news every day…Thanks God bless Israel and you too, Shalom…

- Dorothy Colerio

Praying for all at TV7. May God bless you and keep you and surround with His Love and Grace in all you do.

- Felicity Veal

Love TV7 it is full of news and bible truth God bless watchman from Arkansas

- Nancy Harris

Thank you, it’s difficult to find any decent news our of Israel // Baruch Ha Shem

- Kenneth’s – God & Nature

Tv 7 Israel news is the best & trusted news.

- Ului Jokrhskskskwjsnaa. Sn sakjaaknqqmwmwj

Shalom, toda raba leja. I love TV7 Israel News

- Maria Galindo