EU to investigate Palestinian curriculum for ‘hate education’

European Union Foreign policy Chief Federica Mogherini has confirmed that the EU will investigate allegations of incitement and hate in the Palestinian curriculum.

According to a statement by the European top diplomat, ‘Funds have already been allocated from the 2019 budget, and “comprehensive analysis” will begin this spring.’ Mogherini  noted that specific “terms of reference for the study are currently being prepared, with a view to identifying possible incitement to hatred and violence; and any possible lack of compliance with UNESCO standards of peace and tolerance in education.” She further added that “Incitement to violence is fundamentally incompatible with advancing the peaceful (European aspired) two-state solution and is greatly exacerbating mistrust between the (Israeli and Palestinian) communities.”

Impact-SE, which is the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education, welcomed the development. The organization’s CEO Marcus Sheff pointed out in a written statement that “the EU is by far the largest donor to the Palestinian Ministry of Education.” Sheff claimed that “EU taxpayer-money and good-will have been abused for years while whole generations of young Palestinians are systematically radicalized.” He expressed hope, however, that “this study will help put an end to the abuse and finally allow young Palestinians to receive meaningful peace education.”

Palestinian Education Minister Marwan Awartani did not immediately respond to TV7’s request for comment on the matter – nor did the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, which has on multiple occasions voiced its own allegations of dangerous materials that are being used in official Palestinian textbooks.

It is important to note that similar allegations emerged decades ago, when a 1998 review requested by the U.S. Congress revealed use of anti-Semitic characterizations in materials used by U.N.-funded schools for Palestinians in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The U.S. Congress commissioned another study in 2002.

Additional investigations have been conducted by the Israeli Defense Ministry in 2006, Palestinian Media Watch in 2007, IMPACT-SE in 2011, and the Interfaith Council for Religious Institutions in the Holy Land in 2013. Despite concrete evidence pertaining to the allegations, the European Union continued to finance the Palestinian Authority’s Education Ministry with hundreds of millions of Euros.