image Photo: Reuters

Hezbollah arms depot explodes in Lebanon

A weapons cache belonging to the Iranian-proxy Hezbollah exploded in a populated area of Lebanon, at the pre-dominantly Shi’ite Muslim village of Ain-Qana.

Security officials reported that at least 7 individuals were injured in the blast, which was said to be caused by a “technical error.”

Local sources told TV7 that Hezbollah militants flooded into the area, and blocked entry of journalists and United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) personnel seeking to investigate the incident.

Meanwhile in Beirut, Lebanese President Michel Aoun acknowledged that domestic positions have seemingly hardened between rival factions – most notably – by Hezbollah and its political allies who blatantly refuse any substantive reform.

“With the hardening of positions there does not appear to be any solution on the horizon because all the proposed solutions amount to a ‘victor and a vanquished,'” acknowledged the Lebanese leader.

President Aoun, who is an ally of Hezbollah himself, claimed that he presented all political factions a variety of options for the purpose of accommodating international demands for reform – all of which were blatantly rejected.

When asked by a reporter, “We don’t have the luxury of time, you said that you had proposals and they weren’t accepted. If they don’t accept this proposal, where are we heading?” Aoun’s response was brief and brutal: “Of course to hell, or there’s no reason to why I am speaking out now.”