image Maneuvering between his Lebanese, Iranian, Israeli and American audiences, Hezbollah’s veteran leader toned down his rhetoric to navigate the contradictory nature of its identity.

Hezbollah vows to kill Israeli soldiers

The Commanding Officer of the IDF Galilee Division, Brig. Gen. Shlomi Binder, has revealed that Hezbollah made several attempts to attack Israel over the past month.

During a ceremony marking the appointment of a new brigade commander of his division, Gen. Binder noted that Israel’s defense establishment has been on alert for such anticipated terror attacks, and successfully foiled execution of “malicious plans” by “Hezbollah’s terror army” based in Lebanon.

General Binder further highlighted that the Iranian-proxy persists with its malign activities to target Israel.

“The Hezbollah organization, which is fighting for its position in Lebanon; suffers over Iran’s weakening and is forced to deal with criticism and harsh allegations, both domestic and foreign, which portray its actions, chooses a time when humanity as a whole is combating the corona pandemic and the state of Lebanon is still bleeding in the aftermath of the tragic explosion in Beirut Port, to exacerbate the level of flames along (Israel’s) north,” he said, adding that, “ Our message to it (Hezbollah) is sharp and clear; we will continue to thwart it, and we will prevent its attempts to attain any kind of achievement in a professional and resolved manner.”

Despite Hezbollah’s repeated failures to strike Israeli soldiers; the organization’s Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah vowed to kill Israeli troops in retaliation for the death of one of his agents in Syria last month. Referring to the actions as “an equation,” Nasrallah stated that “Israel needs to understand that when they kill one of our mujahideen (fighters), we will kill one of their soldiers.”

Nasrallah’s threat pertains to death of a Hezbollah operative during an alleged Israeli bombardment on 20 July that destroyed an Iranian-installation near the Damascus Airport, which also reportedly claimed the lives of several Iranians.