Hezbollah only possess “a few dozen” precision-guided missiles

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that the Iranian-proxy in Lebanon, Hezbollah, has attained “at most, a few dozen” precision-guided missiles. In an address the Israeli leader gave this morning to the annual conference of Israel’s leading business daily publication, Globes; Netanyahu claimed that after he exposed Hezbollah’s factories in the Beirut area, for upgrading its vast missile arsenal with precision-guided components, the Iranian proxy decided to move its operations elsewhere for fear of Israeli attacks. The Prime Minister stated, “We are denying them the precise weapons and other means, they were planning to already have thousands of precision-guided missiles, they have at most, a few dozen and sometimes you can stop it with mere words, these are underground sites for precision conversion of missiles near the Beirut airport which (Israeli) military intelligence gave me, to expose, those sites were closed, They are trying to open other sites but through these measures we are denying them precision arms.” Jerusalem views Hezbollah as a strategic threat to its national security interests, as the Shi’ite group has vocally pledged on several occasions: to annihilate the Jewish state – and has actively sought to fulfill its promise, together with its patron Iran, by attaining and producing a wide-array of advanced weapon systems and diverse cross-border attack networks. That said, Israel’s military establishment did not stand idly-by, and has actively sought to thwart the Iranian-backed schemes – to assure the preservation of Israel’s security and the peace of Jerusalem.