Hezbollah possess advanced-drones, conducts bombings in Aleppo

The Lebanese Hezbollah organization has recently conducted an aerial assault by means of a drone in Syria’s Aleppo district, where it is involved in battles alongside Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces, Iran and Russia. The Lebanese organization has on several occasions in the past few years sent drones towards Israel, which were intercepted by the IDF, however, sources told TV7 that the operational-use of the UAV’s in the Syrian conflict has significantly improved their capabilities to bomb pin-pointed targets. According to the Lebanese newspaper ‘Al-Haber’, which has links to the Hezbollah organization, the Iranian-backed group revealed that since the 2006 war with Israel, it decided to develop tactical means to provide it with offensive tools that will allow them to attack inside Israeli territory.

The groups’ tactical development and armament has apparently caught the attention of Jerusalem, which openly refers to the Iranian-proxy as the “most significant threat Israel faces today in the region.” During the course of the war in Israel’s northern neighbor Syria, Jerusalem maintained a decisive policy of no-intervention, yet Israeli leaders publicly stated that there is a clear red-line: “if the Hezbollah organization would acquire advanced weaponry that would shift the power-balance between Israel and the Lebanese organization.” The Israeli air-force has indeed, on several occasions targeted Hezbollah weapons caches in Syria and Lebanon in the past few years, yet now that Hezbollah is part of a strategic alliance with Russia; Israel’s ability to act against the Internationally recognized terror organization has significantly diminished – even though it has established a ‘coordination mechanism’ with Moscow to assure its ability to maintain its strategic and security interests.