IAF allegedly targets Syrian army installation, Hezbollah weaponry convoy

Arab media outlets reported this morning that the Israeli Air Force conducted an aerial strike against military targets belonging to President Bashar Assad’s military in Syria. The London-based Rai al-Youm reported that Israeli aircrafts fired missiles at an arms warehouse belonging to the Syrian army as well as at several vehicles near the Beirut-Damascus highway. The report speculated that the convoy was transferring weapons to the Iranian-backed militia Hezbollah in Lebanon. TV7 could not verify the reports, yet Lebanese sources told our news desk that explosions were indeed heard in the area of the Beirut-Damascus highway. In both incidents, no casualties were reported. The IDF spokesperson’s unit said that it does not respond to its operational proceedings; and following a TV7 inquiry into the allegations, senior military sources informed us that Israel remains committed to maintaining the red lines it voiced on several occasions, in which it will use all the tools in its disposal to assure that any attempt to transfer advanced weaponry from the war in Syria to Lebanon will be thwarted.