IDF demolishes terrorist’s house in the West Bank

IDF forces demolished the home of a Palestinian militant, who was involved in a drive-by shooting, in which a Jewish rabbi was killed. The Palestinian assailant, Mohammed al-Amairah, was among three Palestinians arrested for the terror attack that killed Rabbi Michael Mark.

The attack occurred southwest of the West Bank city of Hebron, during which also two members of the Rabbi’s family were wounded. The brother of the Palestinian assailant denounced the demolition as “collective punishment,” while praising his brother for committing the act of terror. “The Israeli occupation forces at midnight raided my brother’s home, Mohammed. They set explosive charges and after a couple of hours they blew it up. This is a collective punishment policy, we, the family of the prisoner Mohammed al-Amairah, are proud of our son and proud of what he has done,” said Ahmed Amairah, Brother of Palestinian attacker.

In a written statement, the Israeli military said al-Amairah “assisted in the planning and execution of the lethal terror attack” that killed rabbi Michael Mark.