image Photo: Flash90

IDF eases restrictions on Gaza

The IDF Coordinator for Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) lifted previously-imposed restrictions on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

In response to a TV7 inquiry regarding the latest developments vis-à-vis the Islamist-plagued territory, COGAT informed us that “In light of the relative quiet in the Gaza Strip in recent days and the cessation of explosives-rigged balloon launches, it has been decided – following a security consultation – to restore civilian measures that were halted last weekend.”

The latest Israeli measures will extend the fishing zone off Gaza’s Mediterranean coast back to 15 nautical miles. They also include an immediate addition of 2,000 entry permits to the previous 5,000 Gaza Palestinians who were already allowed to work in Israel – marking the highest number since Hamas seized control of the Strip from its bitter Fatah rival in a bloody internecine 2007 conflict.

COGAT underscored that Israel’s future policy will be determined by the causality of response in the field, further reiterating that “Hamas bears full responsibility to any actions the emanate from the Gaza Strip.”