IDF locates and destroys ‘terror tunnel’ from Gaza into Israeli territory

The IDF announced that over the weekend it had effectively destroyed a “long and high-quality” tunnel that penetrated Israeli territory. The tunnel, which ran westward from the Gaza Strip’s Jabalya neighborhood, which is located in the northern part of the enclave, in the direction of the southern Israeli Kibbutz of ‘Kfar Azza’, was said to be “ready for immediate use”. Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman wrote in response on his Twitter account that “(Israel) begun the week with an impressive intelligence and operational achievement upon the demolition of another terror tunnel, a tunnel that took millions of dollars to dig.” Lieberman stressed that “This is money that was buried in sand instead of being used to ease the plight of the residents of Gaza.” The top Israeli official concluded his statement by urging the “People of Gaza” to realize that “Hamas is wasting (their) money on tunnels to nowhere,” while vowing Israel’s continued resolve in locating and destroying all of the underground attack tunnels belonging to Islamist groups seeking to harm the Jewish state.