Photo: Flash90

IDF lowers northern alert level

The IDF has lessened the state of alert along Israel’s border with Lebanon.

“Troop reinforcements in the area are being reduced” in accordance with a situational assessment, said the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, adding that “part of the restrictions for military vehicles have been removed and part of the blocked routes in the area of the northern border have been reopened.”

In a separate statement, the Israeli military revealed that it has been conducting operations on the Israeli side of the internationally-recognized Blue Line demarcation with Lebanon, which was published by the United Nations 7 June 2000. The IDF activity was coordinated with relevant parties and held in the Yiftah area, and included participation of armored, infantry and field intelligence units.

The announcement further underscored that “the IDF remains prepared and will continue to operate in the vicinity of the Blue Line in order to protect Israeli civilians and preserve Israeli sovereignty.”