image Photo: IDF

IDF thwarts naval smuggling attempt

In a joint-raid with the Shin Bet Security Service, the Israeli Navy foiled the attempted-smuggling of a weapons shipment to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, on the high seas of the Mediterranean off the coast of Egypt’s northern Sinai Peninsula.

According to details of the mission cleared for publication just this morning, Israeli naval troops were deployed in pursuit of a “suspicious vessel” detected by “maritime intelligence operators” approximately three months ago.

Commander of Southern Naval Operations, Col. Amir Gutman, revealed that “The naval observers identified the suspect smuggling vessel, directed (nearby Israeli naval) vessels that operated to thwart the smuggling attempt – during which they acted professionally and kept their composure as they overpowered (the ship).”

Two terror operatives aboard were apprehended and transferred to security forces for further questioning.

In further praise of the IDF, Col. Gutman also said that “investigation of the terror operatives indicated that the seized weapons were meant to be used by the naval commando unit of the Hamas terror organization;” explaining that “Thwarting activity of this kind assists in preventing the ongoing armament of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and degrade the force build up capabilities of Hamas’ commando naval unit.”