IDF to purchase anti-drone rifles

The IDF is reportedly planning to purchase special anti-drone rifles that are capable of firing explosive charges. The rifles, which are manufactured by a civilian company, have the ability to disrupt the drone’s frequencies and seize control of the unmanned aerial vehicles.

The decision to acquire the rifles was made after several incidents in which bomb-carrying drones were used by Islamist militants against the IDF on the Gaza border. Just recently, Islamic Jihad released a video in which it showed one of its drones hoovering over an IDF tank that was stationed along the Gaza border. The video purported to show the drone loosing a bomb that exploded next to the tank. Thankfully, no injuries or damage were reported in the incident.

According to a senior military source, the use of bomb-carrying drones by Gazan Islamist organizations has become more frequent. In contrast to the threat of incendiary kites and balloons, a drone can penetrate further into Israeli territory, more quickly and accurately, potentially resulting in deadly consequences.

That is why, the IDF is preparing for this threat. Israeli forces deployed along the Gaza Strip border are set to receive special training to this end, and are likely to be equipped with the new rifles. While TV7 requested additional information on the matter, the IDF’s Spokesperson Unite did not immediately response to TV7’s request for comment.