image Photo: DDR&D / IMoD

IMoD unveils combat/hi-tech program

The Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) at Israel’s Ministry of Defense (IMoD) and Elbit Systems unveil the “Edge of Tomorrow” program to train “IDF soldiers of the future.”

By Erin Viner

The innovative program is designed to strengthen “the synergy between dismounted combat soldiers and their teams and enables optimal operational value through numerical and empirical processes based on research, simulation, live field scenarios and more,” said an IMoD statement obtained by TV7.

Cutting-edge technologies have been integrated to improve a range of mission capabilities, including lethality, situational awareness, survivability, stamina, cognitive load, enemy exposure, performance analysis and simulation, command and control, and more among combat soldiers in the IDF Dismounted Corps, added the statement.

“Edge of Tomorrow” incorporates networked warfare technologies including communications between troop and team level, as well as TORCH-X-based applications for teams and platoons.

Among the various technologies set for use are augmented reality goggles, a computerized assault rifle system, a digital head-mounted display system, hostile fire detection technology, a location-tracking system in GPS denied environments, tactile sleeves for navigation and command transmittance, and a voice command system (similar to systems used on smartphones).

The DDR&D’s Department of R&D, the program’s integrator Elbit Systems and additional defense industries recently showcased capabilities of the “Edge of Tomorrow” at an IDF training center, demonstrating the incorporation of networked warfare technologies, as we well as a simulation of force-on-force operational scenario.

“‘Edge of Tomorrow’ aims to enable optimal operational value for the dismounted combat soldiers by strengthening the synergy between them and their team. The program incorporates a wide array of advanced technologies used by the soldiers and their teams, leading to a whole much greater than the sum of its parts,” said Head of the LWSOF Branch in the DDR&D Lt. Col. Shlomi Buskila.

Haim Delmar, EVP & General Manager of C4I & Cyber at Elbit Systems Ltd added that, “The purpose of this program is to equip combat soldiers, teams, and platoons with innovative capabilities that will significantly improve their survivability and transform their mission effectiveness. The technological solution that we have put in place is based on open architecture which enables the maximization of proven technology by Elbit Systems as well as by additional companies. The program will also incorporate technologies that were developed and adapted to address the needs of the future battlefield with special emphasis on urban warfare. We are proud to lead this important effort together with the Ministry of Defense and the IDF.”