Iran Reportedly Threatens Israel Not to Join U.S. Coalition

The Islamic Republic’s Foreign Ministry accused its neighbor Bahrain of pursuing a policy that disrupts stability and security and paves the way for interference of trans-regional powers, including Israel, in the Persian Gulf.

In a statement on the Foreign Ministry’s twitter page, its spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi condemned the Bahraini government’s so-called “moves against Tehran,” including its recent hosting of an anti-Iran summit on maritime security. Mousavi insisted that “security in each regional country is closely intertwined with that of others in the region,” and underscored that “it would not be possible for some countries to enjoy security by compromising the security of others.”

Meanwhile, Israeli media reported that the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson also warned of Israel’s plan to join a U.S.-led coalition in the Persian Gulf, which several reports claim Mousavi has said: “would constitute ‘a blatant threat to Iran’s national security.’” While TV7 intently reviewed the transcript of spokesman Mousavi’s statement, we could not corroborate the Israeli media’s statement.