Iranian leaders accuse U.S. for their country’s misfortunes

Leaders of the Islamic Republic have attempted to reassure their people that the worsening economic situation, caused by the re-imposition sanctions by the United States, will not bring the Ayatollah regime to its knees, at a time when Iranians are marking the end of the Persian year. In a televised speech, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claimed that despite its deteriorating economy, the Islamic Republic has successfully resisted Washington’s sanction.

The Iranian leader also called on President Hassan Rouhani’s government to boost national production, which according to Khamenei, will diminish the mounting domestic pressure. While the Iranian Supreme Leader sought to convince his countrymen of imminent solutions to the increasing internal distress; Iran‘s President Hassan Rouhani – who delivered a speech right after Khamenei – blamed the re-imposed U.S. sanctions for his nation’s the dire economic situation. The Iranian President said: “The root cause of the problems must be sought amongst the ill-wishers who have imposed these problems from outside the country.”

Rouhani also took the opportunity to call on his country’s political factions to end infighting and unite against foreign enemies, in particular: the United States and Israel – whom Rouhani blamed for Iran’s misfortune.