Mogherini: economic interests do not impact EU policy on JCPOA

EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini underscored ongoing unity among EU-member states with regard to the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran. During a Q&A at the American Harvard Kennedy School of Science and International Affairs, the European top diplomat rejected claims of economic reasoning for the European efforts to preserve the deal, asserting that security … Read more

President Trump vows to use every instrument against terror

U.S. President Donald Trump vowed to use every instrument available to confront the sinister forces of terrorism, while stressing that the war against terror was one of the reasons for his decision to withdraw from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.  According to Trump, “We will use every instrument in our national power to confront … Read more

U.S. to continue tightening sanctions against Iran

The U.S. Ambassador For Disarmament Robert Wood clarified that Washington will continue to tighten its sanctions, in spite of the International Criminal court’s verdict, which demanded that some of the economic sanctions placed on the Islamic Republic be lifted. The U.S. Ambassador for Disarmament in Geneva said “I think yesterday’s decision on that issue was … Read more