image Photo: Reuters

IRGC threat to Israel infuriates Lebanon

Beirut has adamantly criticized Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, after one of its against top military leaders threated the State of Israel from Lebanon.

General Morteza Qorbani said, “If the Zionist regime makes the smallest mistake toward Iran, (the Revolutionary Guards) will reduce Tel Aviv to ashes from Lebanon,” without firing a single missile from Iranian territory.

Lebanon’s Defense Minister Elias Abu Saab was infuriated by Qurbani’s statement, which he rejected as “unfortunate and unacceptable.”

The Mediterranean country’s Information Minister Jamal al-Jarrah denounced the remarks as “irresponsible” and “arrogant.” He further insisted that while Lebanon enjoys ties of friendship with Iran, Tehran should not infringe on Beirut’s independent decision-making in any way, shape or form.

In response to the Lebanese condemnations, an IRGC spokesperson claimed Qorbani’s remarks “have been misinterpreted, and misquoted by the media.” In an attempt to clarify the comments, the spokesperson said Qorbani’s intention was simply to address retaliation against Israel by any possible “means and capacities.”