Israel allegedly hits Iranian targets in Damascus

The Israeli Air Force allegedly bombarded Iranian targets near Syria’s capital Damascus. At least three Syrian soldiers and four Iranian officers were killed in the strikes. A senior commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps is believed to have been among the Iranian casualties, although TV7 has been unable to verify this report.

Syrian military sources reported that “incoming missiles were detected” around 11.45 PM last night from the direction of the Israeli-side of the Golan Heights. It was added that he majority of the hostile projectiles penetrated Syrian aerial defense systems although a few were successfully intercepted.

The targets are said to have included five separate warehouses and weapons depots located at the Damascus International Airport and the nearby city of Al-Kiswa, several kilometers south of the Syrian capital.

During a telephone conversation with TV7, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit declined to either confirm or deny involvement in the attack, and reiterated the Israeli military policy of not commenting on foreign media reports.

In light of the attribute responsibility to Israel, however, the IDF confirmed to TV7 that “it has been decided to limit the flight altitude in Israel’s airspace” over the Golan Heights “temporarily.”