image Photo: Flash90

Israel awaits decision on school reopening

An Israeli Ministerial Committee is expected to make a final decision tomorrow on whether a gradual reopening of schools will begin as next week as previously announced.

Determination over when the nation’s schoolchildren can return to public educational facilities will be based on Ministry of Health data on the coronavirus, as well as recommendations on the risk of infection between children provided by the Gertner Institute national research institute of epidemiology and health policy.

The total number of Israelis afflicted with COVID-19 is 15,870, including confirmation of 517 new cases since yesterday. 117 of the patients are in critical condition, with 85 in need of ventilator support. 7 more Israelis succumbed to the coronavirus, raising the total number of victims to 219. Another 483 Israelis have recovered, bringing the overall number of those who have recuperated to 8,412.

TV7 was surprised to learn that the proposed back-to-school plan by Ministry of Education compels the wearing of protective masks by student body and staff only during recess but not in classrooms. The variance of policy in comparison with restrictive measures still enforced on the general public has raised concern among many parents across the country, who are increasingly voicing fears over returning their children to school.

The National Teachers Union also objected to the Education Ministry, maintain the lack of protective masks inside facilities would endanger educators.