image Photo: Flash90

Israel further eases coronavirus restrictions

The Israeli Health Ministry released its latest accumulated data vis-à-vis the unyielding spread of the coronavirus, confirming a surge of 641 new cases, consequently raising the total number of sick individuals throughout the Jewish state to 14,882, 139 of whom are in critical condition.

As of 9 am this morning another two Israelis succumbed to the corona disease, raising the total number of Israeli victims to 191. Meanwhile another 351 Israelis have been healed from the contagion, raising the total number of recoveries to 5,685.

Under the directives of Premier Benjamin Netanyahu the Knesset approved further easing of the previously imposed restrictions placed on the Israeli public, as part of the government’s efforts to combat the dire economic and social implications of the corona-crisis. As part of its decision, the cabinet approved the reopening of all street-stores and barbershops, so-long as they adhere to the still-in-effect restrictions such as social distancing.